Easy Wheatgrass Shots For The Whole Week (No Juicer Required!)

Easy Wheatgrass Shots For The Whole Week (No Juicer Required!)

Easy Wheatgrass Shots

Wheatgrass is notoriously difficult to juice, but we've got a way you can prepare it once a week with a regular blender and have it every day! It's pretty easy to access the amazing health benefits of wheatgrass these days with the fresh stuff popping up in health food stores. Wheatgrass is one of the best sources of living chlorophyll available (containing up to 70%) which makes it a crazy awesome blood builder. Wheatgrass juice is such an incredible #wildremedy because it contains every mineral availbale, plus vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It's also very high in protein, containing 17 amino acids so it's a perfect daily addition to any vegetarian / vegan diet. wheatgrass shot

What You Need

• Fresh wheatgrass (enough for a couple large handfuls) • Juice from one fresh coconut ( 1/2 cup store bought coconut water / regular filtered water) • A blender • A nutmilk bag • Ice cube tray and freezer


Put a couple of handfuls of fresh wheatgrass and the coconut/regular water into a blender. Blend on high until liquified. Hold your nutmilk bag over a large bowl and pour the gorgeous green mixture into the bag. Squeeze the heck out of the bag until the pulp inside looks like a weird light green floss. Throw out the weird floss. Pour the magical green elixir evenly into an icecube tray and freeze. In the morning, pop out a frozen wheatgrass cube into a shot glass and let it melt while you’re getting ready. Once it's melted take the shot! Pair this with an instant cup of Wild Remedies Chaga Tea and you're ready to take on anything the world throws at ya ;) wheatgrass-shots-1

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