About The Founder

Known for her ability to create beauty in everything she sees, the founder of Wild Remedies, Krysta Francoeur, is a Modern Magick Maven who uses her lessons of karmic suffering in her body, mind, and spirit to facilitate healing, awareness, and balance in every area of her life.

After spending most of her life sick, overweight, and self-medicating, she incorporated the conscious use of mindfulness, intuition, and introspection to help uncover the answers that were always there, within herself. Harnessing these energies has gently guided her through an amazing journey of thousands of hours of research, spiritual, and self-exploration that has reconnected her with the creative and magical nature of herself, and of all women.

As a result of this journey, Krysta decided to create Wild Remedies as a way to encourage all of us to add a little magick into our lives by incorporating therapeutic-grade botanicals, super ‘shrooms, and nutriceuticals into delicious and easy-to-make latte blends.

Through the use of education, plant medicine, botanicals, and ancient wisdom, she hopes to help other women reconnect with themselves so they too can consciously utilize energies to heal imbalances and reignite the beauty and magick in their own lives.