Strawberry Rose Hot Chocolate

Strawberry Rose Hot Chocolate

Fat is a key component in the nervous system and helps to calm the body and provide essential nutrients like vitamins A,D,E, and K that are fat soluble.

The brain is made up of 60% fat so quality fat supports the brain’s energy and regeneration.


✨1 cup milk of choice
✨1 tbsp cocoa butter (Cocoa butter is extra special because it has small amounts of vitamin K which is hard to find in vegan foods)
✨1 sachet Strawberry Rose Magick latte (contains skin plumping ingredients)
✨sweetener if desired

Heat milk and melt cocoa butter in a pot on the stove. Blend milk, glow potion, and sweetener, and serve ✨🍵

Hope you enjoy this cozy bevvy to fuel your brain can calm your nervous system to get back on track!

Watch the how-to video below!


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