Skincare you can drink Strawberry Rose


(age well)

Immune Boosting Spiced Chocolate


(be invincible)

Relaxing Almond Lavender


(zen AF)

Energizing Morning Glory


(slay the day)

Superfood Blue Mermaid


(stay strong)

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Our delicious, Out-of-This-World, Magick Lattes™ Will Help You Look And Feel Your Best

Even when Mercury is in retrograde... ;)

Packed With Therapeutic-Grade Botanicals, Super ‘Shrooms, & Nutriceuticals

Loved by People, Everywhere

As Above, So Below

A portion of your purchase goes towards planting a forest

We care deeply about human health, the planet, and using business as a force for good. As we consume gifts from mother nature, they must also be replenished. That’s why we donate a portion of every purchase towards planting a forest. This small action gets us all one step closer to conserving wild places and curbing climate change by honouring our connection to planet earth.

Your purchase gets us all one step closer to clean air and water, conserving wild places and natural remedies, and helps create jobs for social impact.

Instantly Instagrammable

People everywhere are sharing their uniquely crafted Magick Lattes™ with us. Just add your favourite milk of choice, blend, snap a pic, and share!