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We have a really special episode for you today on the wild remedies podcast. Today's guests are the journeymen, Gary Logan and Robert Grover to incredibly special souls who help people find their purpose through psilocybin journeys. Gary overcame depression through his own mushroom journey and was shown that the shamonic path is his higher purpose.

He is deeply committed to awakening people from their slumber to help them access the richness of their present moment. On an ever increasing frequency. And Robert also experienced a profound awakening, which opened him to knowledge of deeper realms of existence. His special flavor of quantum energy work provides deep cleaning and clearing so that clients can activate their greatest potential from within themselves and be a human catalyst impacting the entire collective consciousness.

So we're gonna talk about. All kinds of things to do with journeying, with mushrooms, how they work with clients in particular entrepreneurs. And yeah, this is just a really fabulous conversation that I think you're gonna get so much from. So without further ado, let's meet Gary and Robert. Welcome everyone.

To another episode of the wild remedies podcast. I am so thrilled to introduce you to the journeymen, Rob and Gary. Thanks so much for being here. You guys. Pleasure. Thank you for inviting us.  this is a really exciting interview because we're gonna be talking about one of my favorite subjects, medicinal mushrooms.

I love my wild remedies, of course. And this is a very special one, indeed. And I'm so glad that. We got to meet. We just had coffee a few weeks ago. You guys are here in Colonna where I live, which is really awesome. I also love the way that we got introduced. You guys tried some of our magic lattes at a market.

that's so great. Amazing, delicious. Aww, that's so great. And you guys, you ended up getting the one with chaga, right? With the mushrooms in. Yeah, very much. Of course. Of course, I love that. Well, why don't we kick things off by just doing a little intro? Tell us, you know, who you guys are, what is the journeyman collective and you know what you led you guys to become journey guides.

Mm-hmm . Yeah. So as you already said, we're the journeymen and we are constantly creating a collective of like sold individuals and we guide executives, entrepreneurs. And professionals through shamonic journeys through psilocybin journeys, and that is all about us guiding them through what we call the metaphysical wilderness of their soul.

And it's all so that they can bring back those threads of knowledge and awareness back into their life and into their business and into their love. I love. And so, so how, how did you get into all of this a long time ago? A long time ago, a little fairy came into our life and she spoke about a journey of not lying.

There was actually a little lady that came in her life, spoke about a journey that she experienced on a local island here just off of Vancouver and how amazing it was and how it was a luxury resort on the. Waterfront. Yeah, it was just spectacular. She said, and she told us about the shaman she worked with and her experience.

Rob was very intrigued about the whole idea of doing a shamanic journey. Mm-hmm  we have never actually thought about it. Never came to our awareness about it. And so, uh, I kindly nudged Robert. Forward to go first, you go try it. It's your thing. You know, I don't need it.  you be the Guinea pig? You be the Guinea pig.

So Rob went and tell you when this man came back, he had found his joy. We jokingly say his, but his joy spot found, found like a, an inner light within myself that I. Even through all the personal development, all the coaching, all the programs, all the investment that I had done within myself, like I knew there was still something else there that was calling me.

And I couldn't quite put my finger on it about goosebumps, even just talking about it. So I went and was shown so, so very much, and that whole journey could be an entire podcast in itself, but basically. I discovered a deep calling for like that next level of myself and that next level of work of delivering this work to people.

And that was on top of all of the work that we had already done, both Gary and I, and it was like unrelenting, of course. Was it bad? Shit. Scary, crazy to like, step into that, like, this is what we're being guided to like step into. And so we started training with a shaman that the medicine man that we worked with and then created our own flavor based in tradition, but both also based in the now and really a big part of what we were called to do was really step into.

Helping professionals and executives and entrepreneurs step into journeys and not just have it be some trip. But I actually have it be something that they can integrate and apply into their life. Yeah. So I meant interject that I did go on a journey also. Nice. So after Robert came back, I thought, well, if he can shift some shit, maybe I can too.

So I was going through a bit of a depression, a bit of a lull. My mother had lived with us for about four and a half years. She had transitioned out of our life to the afterlife, to the afterlife. Leaving the house she left permanently. And, uh, so there was a bit of depression going on and, uh, I wondering of what's next?

What are we supposed to do? Where are we supposed to go? Where is the world offering us? What are we offering the world? So I went on my journey after we spread my mother's ashes in a celebration of life. And I was showing also. This is the path that we're supposed to be on. And I contacted Robert. I said, listen, this is what happened in my journey.

He says, amazing. This is what we're supposed to do. And that's when we approached our shaman to say, you know, would this be of interest to you to guide us on the, another journey towards the path of doing our own journeys? And he was a hundred percent behind us. So we worked with him for a number of months, and then we went into a beta launch and eventually.

I've been running for the last five years and still running and going and strong people are seeking us out from all over the world. Mm-hmm  and we are very happy and very excited to continue the great work that we're offering the world. Mm-hmm  the humanity. Yeah. Mm-hmm  yeah. I love that. And so why in particular, did you guys choose to work with entrepreneur types?

So that was also shown in a journey as well. And I think there's like a, a piece that, okay, well, we are entrepreneurs as well. We've been entrepreneurs for many, many years. And so we're living that path. So, and we kept it bumping into more and more people that they had a similar experience in life that they couldn't quite get past something that they didn't even know what it was.

And so. Again, number one, it was shown to us in the journey. Number two, it was something that kept presenting itself. And so this is part of the, like the divine plan of following the freaking breadcrumbs that keep showing up. And, and then we just had that inner calling to help them entrepreneurs, executives, and, and professionals of, of many walks of life to step into.

A sacred ceremony and then not only do that, but bring it back into their life in some way, shape or form. Yeah. I love this. And we, we kind of talked about this a little bit when we had our, our coffee mm-hmm  but being an entrepreneur myself, you know, I really feel like entrepreneurism is essentially the way that we're really gonna make change in this.

right, because we can't rely on systems or governments to do the, the right thing or whatever that is right. To, to push us forward. And I really feel like through business, we can create really impactful and meaningful change. And so when you're reaching that demographic of people who are already really driven and usually want to make a really big impact in the world, and I know that's.

You know, just the, the flavor of, of how people do business now. It's like, there's more collaboration, there's more, you know, sole purpose driven missions behind people, businesses. It's not so much. I mean, there is still, you know, a lot of like corporate. Capitalism and stuff out there where people are just wanting to make a buck, but I'm just seeing such a shift in consciousness where people are going into business, not only to make a difference in the world, but also in themselves and their communities.

Right. And so I feel like having these types of experiences can really just bring such a level of, you know, depth and richness to the products and services. That people are offering because now we have all of these great, you know, sustainability missions that are being integrated and all of these things where we're using business as a vessel to just be more conscious, be more sustainable, be all of the things that we need in order to make the world a better place.

Mm-hmm  totally, and it's, and that's a big piece that there's business on the planet. And then there's conscious business. And I know that that term is thrown out there a lot, but I think what happens at least what we're seeing. I think what you're stepping into there is people are starting to remember that, Hey, it's not just about making a buck.

It's about being totally and completely passionate. About what you're doing. And then as a consequence of that, that's rippling out, not only to the business, but the people who work for the business and their families, and then where they make their contributions and allowing money, currency, whatever you wanna use to flow out more and more and more.

And I think that's exactly what's taking place on the planet right now. There are more people. That are remembering back into, Hey, when I was a child, this is something I really, really wanted to do. And I forgot about it because the systems that are out there haven't nurtured that part of me or of them.

And people are starting to recognize that, Hey, I can actually make a living out of something that I'm really passionate about. And that actually has a, a really connected impact. So people are recognizing that we are connect. And so it's, it's like there's a, a conscious, connected business model that is starting to unfurl and.

I think that's one of the biggest things that's going to just sweep across the whole entire globe more and more and more. Yeah. Well, I mean, we're really starting to, to see this, like, what is it called right now? Like the, the mass Exodus or whatever, you know, just like millions of people have left their jobs and like, you see it everywhere.

Just even here where we live. And I feel bad for all of the businesses, the brick and mortars that are, you know, have helped, wanted signs everywhere. But what has unfolded in the past two years, you know, as unfortunate , as it all has been, it really has been part of this great awakening. And so many people are realizing like, Hey, I've only got a short period of time in this incarnation and maybe I need to be doing something that doesn't make me fucking miserable every day.

Right? Yeah. Mm-hmm, . For sure. Totally. Right. And, and there's also this need for sovereignty, right? Mm. What am I getting up for every day? Right? Mm-hmm  is it to line the pockets of like, you know, some corporation or is it to make a difference and do something that I'm actually excited about every day mm-hmm  yeah.

So I'd imagine, you know, it would even be helpful for people who are thinking about breaking into business for themselves to journey with you guys to help uncover what, what that purpose.  yeah, cuz uh, clients come to us. So potential clients come to us and they're, they're going. I know there's more, but I, I don't know how to get there.

I feel it, but they can't describe it or see it yet, but they have the feeling and the passion and it's welling up inside. So when they conversation with us, have a conversation with us, we're able to assist system. And declutter the crop that's in the way. So they're able to see the direction they're supposed to go and feel.

It comes down to the collective is changing and the change is we're getting out of the stink and thinking and into. The heart thinking. So the heart mind, the feeling of the heart energy thought is energy comes through the heart and them out of your mouth, not the other way around, doesn't come from your head through your mouth.

You wanted to come through your heart, then speak the words, but sometimes we just splat it out there. Mm-hmm  and just go for it. And we want you to take that moment to stop. Yeah, that's all you need to do is take a moment to stop. The biggest thing in the world is like, we're always going, we're always 10 feet out in front of us or 20 steps ahead of ourselves.

And we're not in the moment. And I think with what's happened in the last two years, it's given humanity to take a moment to actually. Fucking stop.  breathe, take a look. What's in front of you and then assess and move forward on a direction in your life, you know, and not to panic and not to be afraid.

We're living in the new world. That's when it comes down to it, we are the new world and it's happening and we all need to like open our eyes and our ears. And our hearts. Yeah. And through the journey process is a way to assist for those that feel the calling. Um, sure. Not everybody's gonna do a journey, but we feel those that do a journey like yourself, the ripple effect will happen.

They will see the light. Feel the energy and just benefit from just being around people who have been through journey process or doing personal development work, uh, any plant medicine mm-hmm  you know, anything that's going to develop yourself. To a higher way of living and being. Yeah. And I think it's just about lightening, the fucking load.

There is so much dense energy that's out there and fear that's being propagated. And then when you look in the mirror and recognize, holy fuck, I'm in permanent, there's an impermanence that we all have and every single day is a freaking blessing. And when we start to allow ourself to see the magic and the, the new reality that's being birthed through people, it's lighter.

Is it work? Heck yeah. Mm-hmm,  like there are days where it's a slog. However, there are days when it's blissful and it, there are days when it's, when you're full of awe and there's a, a palpable feeling of holy shit. Here's another individual who's done the heartful soulful work. And this is like exactly what brought us together today to have this conversation so that other people can listen to it and be like, Hey, I want a piece of that.

I want a part of that. Let me take on that work. Cause guess what? Again, there's a fucking impermanence that we're all dealing with and we all have that, that inner calling and most of us can sense it. I like if I think back to my days in corporate. And I dreaded going to work. And now if I'm out into the city, I rush back home because I want to do the things that I'm doing.

I want to do the work that I'm doing. I wanna have the calls. I wanna have the podcasts. I wanna talk about what we're doing and share more of it because more people need to hear about it and know that it's accessible to them. So that they can get fucking with it. Join us. People C come join us in the fived it's time.

exactly. Yeah. I mean, I'd like to say it's all rainbows and butterflies and stuff over here, but I mean, it's still, we're working through some dense energy right now. And so like anything that you can use or, you know, just play with to help. Help move you through what, what is happening right now? You know, like what, one of my psychic mentors that I'm working with right now, she's just.

I've just, I've been really exhausted this summer. Like, it's been great. You know, I have been getting out a lot into nature and just trying to enjoy things as much as possible, but I keep getting drawn down by what? Just kind of feels like, like a heavy blanket and she's like, girl, like, she's like, it's not, you she's like nothing like this energetically has ever happened to humanity.

what we are currently going through right now is wild. So just be kind to yourself, just ride it out. Like these are literal upgrades that are happening to your body. And so I think that's really important to, to remember for anybody listening, especially if you're going through some stuff right now, but I also find that it can bring up, you know, some confusion and things like this.

And this is where it's really nice to, you know, Do journeys and things that bring you back into that alignment and purpose, because we do, we have so much static and noise and stuff going on all the time. Like this is the beautiful thing about plant medicine is that it really does just open you up. Like it opens your heart.

It opens your mind to who you truly are.  mm-hmm . Yeah. And I think that the, another big piece that you're stepping on there too, is that we've been indoctrinated into human doings and that whole piece is like people wake up and they, they immediately think, oh, what I have to do today, what I have to do today, what I have to do today, and they're on this, this, this rat race do do, and then they get to the end of their life and like, holy shit, I actually didn't.

I wasn't a human being the whole entire time.  and that's the piece that so many people are neglecting forgetting, but also there's more of us that are stepping into that human being in peace. And when that's where you're coming from, when you're focused on the being and then the doing comes after that.

And when you can like, remember back into that and allow yourself to step into it, that's. Brings you back to that piece where I have a little bit more peace and it's so many of us because we've been indoctrinated indoctrinated into the, the human doing piece. We haven't been given the tools to allow ourself to be mm-hmm  and to witness ourself and to give herself permission to, oh my God.

There's something more within me that just wants the fuck out. And there's anxiety and there's depression. And I don't know what this feeling is. And there's so many other energies that they're just like, they're busting out of you, but no one's shown you how to move that energy to clear it out so that you can hear the little whispers or see the little signs or witness nature.

Giving you a sign of, oh, there's a, there's a vulture circling overhead. What does that mean? And just, but first they have to see the vulture. Totally.  exactly.  so yeah, you gotta look up first, stop staring at your phone. Totally take the blinders off. We get people always asking what is, okay. I, I understand, I sort of understand what you're saying, but how do I start?

And the most important thing is if you're not meditating, You should be, even if it's just a meditative walk, a meditative swim, a meditative run, a meditative hike. It's bring yourself in the moment in the activity that you're doing. So take those moments, even if it's only a minute, a day to start with mm-hmm,  get connected to your self, your heart.

And your thinking and your being, and try to be presence for like one minute a day and then increase it to two minutes a day, small steps. Don't dive into a 30 minute meditation when you've never meditated before, and just find a space in the house. If you're gonna lie on the floor. Take time out for you.

It's most important. It's not just children that need time out. Adults need to give themselves permission. Mm-hmm  to take the time out and sure. They're gonna say, oh, I got this and this and this and this. Well, put it in your calendar. Mm-hmm  do yourself a favor. Yeah. You know, give yourself that moment for you.

Yeah. And it's like allowing yourself to find some sort of tool. Don't be a tool  so find some tool that allows you to be a human and allows you to find your center point. And I think that's why I think that's the, the power and potency of plant medicine is we find that center point and then you go back out into life and it's like, whoa, all of a sudden I'm walking like this again, I'm off center because I let something else pull me out.

And it's like, I can remember back into my journey of, oh, that's what centered feels like, and then move forward. So coming into that being space and just find some tool out there, that's gonna allow you to find that center point of your being so that you can start peeling back the levels of awareness of the truth, of what reality actually is.

Yeah. And I mean, that can look like, I mean, for me, I've been journaling a lot more lately, you know, mm-hmm  I definitely do a lot of breath work. I love to sit in front. I have like this amazing. Oh, I actually posted, I message you guys about it today, but we're talking about the light or you guys posted about the different frequencies of light.

I have a red near INFR light. That'll do my breath work in front of mm-hmm  and it's just like, yeah, such a beautiful experience. And then of course. Being out in nature. I think that's just the most potent medicine that we have anything to do. Mm-hmm  with yeah. Just breathing in that real air and drinking, you know, I'm always going for spring water and things like that.

And yeah, there's just, there's a lot of medicine there. Mm-hmm  if you have the opportunity to go to the forest or even a tree in your yard, just grab a tree. Even if you don't know what you're doing. It doesn't matter, grab the tree. And I say, ask yourself, who's listening. There's that space right there that you're going, who is listening and there's silence.

And that silence is golden. And that's when the messages come through. Mm-hmm  is cuz we're constantly in our head and we're getting in our own way. So the idea is we need to get out of our own way to actually see where we're. And barefoot on the earth. Yeah. In the sand, something so simple that we put shoes on.

We're not gonna ask you to work in bare feet, but just taking a moment to step out in the grass or in the sand or in the dirt, even playing in the garden is with your hands. If you have a garden, the opportunity work in the garden, it's brilliant for you. You're connecting to earth. You're being there in the moment.

We are earth. We are. Like this, this lovely meat suit that we have. If you look at a carrot or if you look at a steak or if you look at like piece of lettuce, you've eaten our potato chips, whatever. You've eaten that and you've become, what's come out of earth. We are just extensions of earth. And I think when we start playing in that arena, we become more connected and more conscious of all of the decisions that we're making that, Hey, it not only affects the family.

It affects the community and the country and the globe and the whole freaking cosmos. So it's really starting to sense into. What that feeling of connection is so that we can, as Gary said, listen, hear the messages that are coming through, cuz the, the, your soul is calling you. It wants more for you. It wants more connection.

It wants more presence. It wants more stillness. So that. You can have greater experiences because that's what you're here for. You're not here to run the hamster wheel every single day, the same thing day in and day out. And that's where the anxiety and depression come from because there's energy there that wants to be expressed.

And you, the listener doubt that you can actually bring it into fruition, but you can. And I think that's the piece that if someone's listening and they've had that little whisper of like, oh, I wish I could do that. The very first freaking spiritual course I ever took after I started seeing energy around people.

And I thought there was like something terribly wrong with me. Mm-hmm  the very first course I ever took. I sat there and I whispered to myself, I so wanna do what she's doing. And that was like 20 years ago. And now I'm actually, we've been doing it now for a number of years, but I still remember that and that little whisper, it didn't come from my thinking.

It came from my heart and I still still remember that little, like, I still wanna do what she's doing. And I think if. The listeners are listening to themselves and giving themselves those moments. That's when the little, the little heartful bubbles will percolate up and like, if, if we can do it, so can you, you can live a passionate, purposeful life.

And there's so much bullshit out there that, oh, it's hard and it's not easy. And it's like, that's just the old program. Because that's what the old systems want you to believe that it's hard. Oh, I can't do it on my own. You're never gonna be doing it on your own. When you open up your freaking awareness, , there's so much support.

Yeah. There really is. Yeah. There's so much more out there than, you know, we can perceive with, with our eyes. Yeah. And yeah. And, and, and these messages come through in so many different ways. Right. So it could be a whisper. I remember being told. For me, I'm very connected to plants. Right. And one of my mentors is telling me, she's like, Christa, the trees are talking to you.

Like, do you, can, are you listening? Do you hear them? And I'm like, what the fuck are you talking about? I'm like, no, like the trees aren't talk. Like I don't, I mean, that'd be cool. Like, I, that, that that'd be really bad, but I don't know what you're talking about. And then I did, um, it wasn't a mushroom journey, but I did a cannabis ceremony when I went to forest school.

and we did just kind of a little session where, you know, we had ceremony with the plant connected with it, ingested a little bit. And then we went out just to go, you know, touch trees and hang out in the forest. And I went and I touched one of the first trees. It was a Cedar tree. I'm very connected to Cedar trees.

And so it was just like, you know, I was drawn to this one tree.  and the, the, the tree talked to me, man, but it was in a way that I would've never expected. Right. So it was, it was a thought and a feeling mm-hmm   and that was, you know, welcome home. Right. Like your you're home. And it wasn't just that, but it was just like a full body, like chills down.

My spine started sobbing and I was just like, so overwhelmed with gratitude. And so it's interesting how these plant medicines can just take that little bit of layer off.  right. Mm-hmm  just to allow you to really connect to more that that's out there. You know, cannabis was traditionally used as a way to connect with wi with the universe.

Right. Mm-hmm  like we use it in all kinds of other ways. Now that might not be as in, in, in high integrity, as, as it once was used. And, you know, there's probably a lot of people out there who have dabbled with mushrooms and stuff in the past. Right. And they've had a bad trip and they're freaked out and, you know, they, they might be trepidacious in, in trying something like this.

So how, how is it, like, what does a journey look like with you guys? You know, how, how is this different? How do you work with people to make them feel safe and, and all of. I wanna take a quick second to let you guys know about the other side of wild remedies, our incredible wellness potions. We recently launched a collection of functional magic lattes, crafted with love and intention to help you look and feel your best.

We currently have three delicious products to nourish you from the inside out strawberry roses. Our beauty potion crafted with cides and vitamin C to help hydrate and plum your skin from within spice. Chocolate is our immunity. Featuring wild Siberian, chaga mushroom with a sophisticated spicy twist to support your immune system.

And finally almond lavender dream, a literal chill pill in a cup with potent relaxation, herbs, and delicate notes of amaretto and vanilla to help you unwind at wild remedies. Our goal is to bring you the best of nature for the betterment of humanity. Yeah. So with us, it's, uh, when you're coming to work with the Jeremy collective, it's a, a minimum of four months end to end and.

We help people prepare. And the most basic is looking at the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels, and we help you prepare on those four levels. And then people come and work with us in person. And it's four intensive days. And when people are with us, they're with us, with us the entire time from breakfast until bedtime.

And we typically, there's typically two ceremonies, two full days of integration. And another big component of the work that we offer is really focusing on the embodiment piece. And that's more Gary's forte with the Alexander T. What's the Alexander technique.  that's another whole podcast in a nutshell, it's a mind, body conscious awareness training.

Mm-hmm  okay. So I've been with it for probably 35 years and been teaching for about 18 years. Yeah. It's truly an amazing way of being mm-hmm.  it's be here be now, you know, thinking and activity consciously aware of what you're doing. Mm-hmm  it, it helps the, the physical vessel that we are. Open up mm-hmm  to receive the medicine, to receive guidance from the medicine and also be in stillness with the medicine as well, because that's part of what we invite people in is to go into stillness, go into silence and really be with the medicine.

And then the medicine of Robin Gary, during that experience. And we guide you from the inside. So we're with you as you explore the metaphysical wilderness of your soul. And we are there to guide you, but also to help you have those multidimensional post-it notes. When you come back out of your journey and ask you about different things, and then it's about weaving those pieces together into your awareness so that you can have context for them.

So you can bring them back into your life. And I think that's a big piece. We speak to a lot of people. Oh yeah. Yeah. I've done mushrooms before and it's like, yeah, but have you, have you integrated it into your life? Have you taken the fucking potent brilliant information and intelligence that it carries and brought it into your life?

And I think there's this egoic thing in the collected that how can a mushroom be so wise? How can, how can a tree be so intelligent? I was like, you might wanna like leave your ego in the back seat for a while. So that we help people distill and percolate with the information that they receive and let them know that this isn't just something you're going to integrate in two days.

There's gonna be like potentially a couple of months before you might wanna take on your next ceremony a year, two years, three years, because there's so much that can come through for you. If you're willing to integrate it and apply it into your life. And. That's what we really focus on. And so people are with us for four full days, and there's the embodiment piece that Gary works with people.

And so it's helping people like open up their fascia, the, the connected tissue that's within your body. And that allows the old energy to leave and the, the new energy to come in or come from within mm-hmm . And, and then. We're with people afterwards. So after the ceremony, we're typically online with people for about three months and most people like we're still in contact with some of our clients from four or five years ago.

And so that's not just something that is like, bye. The that's the collective and it's it's so, so beautiful when you actually speak with someone. Who has come on a journey with you. And they're, they're just like, Hey, we're checking in to see how you're doing. And they're saying, you know, like I'm really content with my life now.

and it's like, Hey, do you remember that? That's what you discovered in your journey. And it's like click connecting the dots sometimes is just so mind blowing for people. And that's where. I get, I get emotional and it's, it just fills me with awe and joy to allow someone to connect those dots and to allow them to discover that, Hey, that's, that's been within you all along and.

And then applying it into their lives and seeing how that's always unfolding and the, the visionary reality that people birth through our journeys. Each one of them's different. Someone may wanna create a billion dollar company. Someone else might wanna create a small little tiny company, and that's what they want, or they might want to retire and have a hobby farm, like whatever that is.

That's the piece that is. Hey, I just made the call to my soul. Now I'm listening and the pieces are starting to percolate up and, and it's when people start to really decompose their shadow and start to work with it and work with those unknown pieces of self so that they're creating with it. And that's where that powerful life unfolds for people.

Mm-hmm . Oh, my God. So powerful. And I, and I loved about how you just mentioned about doing some somatic stuff in order to release from the fascia. Right? So like we hold. I think it's like all of our emotional body that's stored in the fascia and for if anybody doesn't who, if someone isn't sure what that is, that's essentially like the sheath that covers well, your entire body, but it's, it's overlaying the muscle, correct?

That's right. Yes, definitely. So it's, it's being aware. Uh, well, Humans are unaware that they're holding. They don't think they're holding or constricting or resisting movement and injuries happen from the lack of movement and the lack of awareness of how your body actually functions. And so, uh, working with me through the Alexander technique for the full four days, you get a, you get a taste of.

Freeing up, I would say. And, uh, you will become lightness of being, instead of this heaviness of dragging your ass around, going from a to B mm-hmm  instead you can sort of be present and in the moment and actually attune to yourself, how. We can be so light and so present at the same time. And after the journey, it's, we're there to remind you of the old habits are no longer serving you.

It's time to release those habits of doing and look at the new habitual way of doing things that you want to move forwards. You you're gonna create new habits, but there are better habit. For you mm-hmm  then the old way. And you realize that you look at that and that's why we're there. That's why we think the integration's the most important part that we're there.

Hey, knock on your door. How is it going now? I see you slipping back and oh yeah. And then we just encourage them and move and they we're, we're, we're living with them as they move forward in their life. My hair is standing on end. There's not much hair to stand on in, but I it's tingling how, how they we're all on this journey together.

Mm-hmm , it's just not. You and I, and the three of us right now, it's everyone. We're all connected. I know that's so cliche, but it is true. We are truly connected. Mm-hmm  we get, we feel each other. If we're open to that awareness. Mm-hmm  mm-hmm  and it's like once that clearing of the old programs, Fall away then it's like that individual can honor the, their, their soulful essence, their, their essence of who they really are.

And that can be, be amplified. And that can be brought into their awareness of like, oh yeah, this is what I, what I, what I felt like when I was like five or six years old and I forgot about it. And then it's like, that becomes honored. For probably the first time in a lot of people's fucking life. Hmm. And then that's where it can be amplified.

And then you start to witness like, oh, this like, I'm actually a powerful person. Or I'm a, uh, someone who's really dedicated to empowered service or I'm someone who can like be a magician and bring things into form really quickly. And it's like, Just taking those unconscious parts and bringing them into like conscious awareness and nurturing them and becoming aware of how they feel and, and sense and taste and, and what they.

Might even smell like as well within your own being. And I think that's when people will notice when they're coming out of alignment and then because they've discovered those or rediscovered those pieces, that's when they can just really work with it on all levels. Yeah. I love that. And I mean, having a guided ceremony is so potent.

I've only done a guided ceremony once it was a different plant medicine, it was with iboga. Hmm. Actually having the gentleman that, um, facilitated the ceremony on the podcast here soon marks that'll be a good one. That was a very interesting mm-hmm experience for sure. But yeah, like there's just, there's something so special about just being in an environment where you can really relax and then also have someone.

You know, making notes for you, you know, like I had a mushroom experience once I was quite young, so I was like a teenager and, you know, I was like an all or nothing person. I mean, I still a lot of senses, but like I did like 14 grams of mushrooms. It wasn't all at once, but it was throughout the day. Yeah.

So it was a lot. And I remember at one point in the middle of the night, staring at myself in the mirror and just being. I am a fucking genius. Like the thoughts and stuff that were coming into my mind. I was just like, holy shit. Like I know so much stuff. And like, I was just, I, I, I remember that next morning.

Don't remember a damn thing that came through  I couldn't remember what made me a genius. Like it was a lot of drugs and I'm just like, oh man, like, I can just imagine, you know, being in a container where you're asked the right questions and all of these things are being drawn out of you because I tell you, like, I was so connected.

I was completely in awe with myself at that moment as like, Frick. I don't know how old it was. 16 year old girl. And it was just, it was absolutely amazing. So there is just, there there's so much there that is just hidden behind, you know, this layer of our everyday being this. And you guys create such a beautiful environment for this too.

Don't you? Mm-hmm  mm-hmm  we do. We ask the clients when they step in the door to leave the facade at the door, there's no need to perform for us. We just want to get to the heart of you and, uh, That sometimes can be a bit of a struggle for some people, but we understand, you know, leave a little bit at the door if you can, and then just leave more on the floor once you've done your journey.

And once you get off the mat from the whole journey experience, you leave that old self. Behind to dissolve and to move away so you can create the new you. Well, the true you mm-hmm  comes down to it. It's your true you who you are going to be in the world and how you're going to move forward. And it's a safe, luxurious environment that we create.

And that's what we went through. And that's what we're honoring. Mm-hmm  and we feel. Honestly, it's the best way to do it, but there are a number of ways to do a journey. Mm-hmm  you, it's whatever you're called to, you know, you can go to Costa Rica, you can go to Mexico. There are amazing facilities that are doing journeys out there, but it comes down to what.

Is the calling for you? Personal small groups. Cause we only work with three to four people at the max, but more majority of the time it's solo individuals coming on their own mm-hmm  okay. Oh, that's good to know. Yeah. I was actually wondering if you do like group ceremonies or one on one mm-hmm  yeah.

Anywhere between one to four people and. That's the intention behind that, because everything we do is very intentional is that the individual has that high level of care and that high level of attention that they may never, ever have had in their whole entire life. And it's. Gary's big angel wings come in and just cradle people through the journey.

And it's like, we're working the whole entire time. There's energy. That's moving that we're working with. And, and there's little nuggets that we're, we're keeping for our people so that they can. Really be with them. And so that curated, personalized journey is what we had. And that's just part of what we love putting out there for people.

Well, I, I'm kinda curious Rob, like, because you can see energy. Do you see anything when people are in the middle of ceremony? Like, do you see like chakras aligning or like, I don't know, like what yeah. Does that make that happen? There there's a whole entire insect Theia of things that both of us have witnessed and been shown.

And a lot of the time with, with me, it's all in the world of sacred geometries and magnetic fields and other beings that come in and a starving center, masters angels guides, goddesses show up and. And so a client may see something and they'd be like, well, what was that? And it's like, oh, well it was, do you think that it might be this?

And so then it's about bridging that gap of like, okay, I just saw something and I was there to witness it and see it with them. So that's how we can weave the, the understanding of like, oh, okay. And then going forward, when you go back out into the, the real world, and then that shows up again, that's how you can bring it forward.

And Gary, I see totally different. Yep. I get images of people I'll get, uh, names. Uh, I will smell sense, fragrances, other things that come into the room and sort of I'll dot I'll jot that all down I'll to the journal. And then we will dialogue with the client. I won. Reveal what I've seen until I get more information from the client and what they were experiencing, the journey mm-hmm

And then if they're not really touching on it, then I will just casually mention something about it. And usually that triggers a memory from the past. If it wasn't there. Memory, it could have been generational, generational, and sometimes stories would get back, uh, like two or three generations of a passing of a child or anything like that.

And it may not be this client's child or the client's mother, but it could be the previous mother. So great, great grandmother. So it comes, I don't go looking, I just open myself.  and it rushes in and it just keeps coming all the way through the whole journey process. Some things I miss and some things I'll remember later on part of their journey and in the journey process.

As we said, we, we are connected internally with them is a, it's a like we, we have the ability to communicate in silence. Mm-hmm . That's how animals communicate through their minds, through their thoughts. How else do you communicate with the dog? It's not through your words. Sure. They're attuned to the sounds, but if you actually had a conversation with a dog through your mind and actually telling it to sit without using the words, the dog is gonna pick up and going.

I'm gonna sit, cuz it gets senses that energy from you. So it's not that we're gonna tell our clients to sit through my mind.  sit, behave and don't move before it works to be done. No, sometimes so yeah. There's there's different aspects that we bring in from yeah. From above. Yeah. And below and out and in, so it's yeah.

It's opening your awareness to it. You're right. Hearing and seeing and listening and smelling and getting outta the way. Just get outta the way. It's not about us. It's about them. Yeah. And we give 110% to them for the whole time that they're here. Mm-hmm  even after the God. Now I have a question about dosing.

Right. So is it kind of like a personalized thing? Do you tap into, like, I know, um, some people might do, um, a little bit of like muscle testing or something in order to determine how much medicine. To give someone like, or are you just going for like a full, like 14 gram ego desk kinda situation? , it's a super, super, super heroes journey.

So it's a, it's a, there's a, there's two pieces to that. You only get that badge. So the, the two pieces in that are, we will typically receive a number. For the client. And then we'll talk to the client about that and it's their decision. And we give people like a scale of like, okay, one to two, this is what you're going to experience two to three.

This is what you're gonna experience four to five. This is what you're gonna experience. Where do you feel that is best for you? And then. Based on that number as well. Sometimes what can happen is two to three or four hours in there may be an additional dose that's added. And so ceremony can be three hours, 2, 10, 12, 15 hours.

And I'd say on average, you're looking at about like five to six hours, hours of being in with the medicine. Yeah. . Yeah. I mean, that, that, that's totally doable. Yeah. You know, mm-hmm,  like, I feel like that's a very comfortable sometimes when, you know, there's other plant medicines where you're committing to like a whole 12 hours of like, okay, you're you're in for a rough ride.

Like I, I find with psilocybin it, I mean, It depends. Mm-hmm  say it's a bit more gentle, but it really, it, you, you get what you need, right? Exactly. Exactly. Always  there's no controlling of the medicine. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. And if you're drawn to it, right, it's like, I feel like you have a contract with this medicine, you know, mm-hmm,  like, I truly believe that there is a spirit to mm-hmm  all plants and, you know, your, your soul's having a conversation with, with the spirit of that plant before you go in and, uh, Yeah.

It's already been determined. What's gonna happen.  yeah, it's already happened.  mm-hmm  yeah. I love that. And so like, you know, we've been talking a lot about like purpose and, you know, entrepreneurship and that whole whole thing, but in terms of like health and wellness, do you find a lot of people have shifts in, in their health with, with journey with you guys?

Mm-hmm  oh, definitely. Again, the list is endless. People will potentially stop drinking occasionally or like not occasionally. Sure. Just stop drinking. They may stop drinking or they may start exercising or they may start seeing an Alexander teacher when they go back home. They'll stop smoking. Mm-hmm  yeah.

So the addictive behaviors can sometimes be released. Yeah. Stop. We've had people who have had brain tumors who couldn't taste anything. They could only taste one thing. And then after their journey they could actually taste again. Wow. Mm-hmm  yeah. That's so amazing. Mm-hmm  yeah. The list is endless. Other people who had like.

Say lower back pain or they had structural patterns ingrained due to trauma mm-hmm . So they may walk a certain way because of trauma that it was induced upon them. And then, because they've released the energy of the trauma, and then they've worked with Gary to release the physical part of the body.

Then they can actually walk, like they've used to walk before the trauma was induced. Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, I can imagine for, you know, things like autoimmune issues. Um, I know a lot of that is deeply, deeply connected to traumas. Right. Mm-hmm  and it doesn't even necessarily have to be from this lifetime.

That's right. Epigenetics mentioning about the ancestry aspect of things. Yeah. There's so many layers that can be worked through so I can imagine, you know, there could be some really incredible. Not only just emotional and spiritual shifts, but physical shifts as well. Yes. Yeah. Yes, totally. Yeah. I, this is, this gets me so excited.

I'm just like, I need to work with you guys so badly. Cause I I'm currently at a point in my life where I always get to these places where things can start to feel a little bit sticky. You know, mm-hmm  as a manifesting generator, if anybody out there ISN into human design, I kind of need things to, to respond to right.

To kind of spark that, that inspiration I'm always watching and I'm always listening, but it does feel like a big change is about to happen. You know, mm-hmm, , I'm not sure what it is right now. And yeah, I'm thinking it's time for a bit of a journey to dig into that a little bit deeper and see what comes up.

yeah, brilliant. Be for a period of like big transformation, you know, mm-hmm,  like it's gonna kinda happen anyway, but I would like a little bit more insight into that and I know mm-hmm , that would probably be the perfect experience. Mm-hmm  brilliant. It'd be wonderful. Oh my goodness. Well, we're almost at time already.

I mean, I would love to dive in deeper to, you know, some of your experiences and stuff. Mm-hmm  that you guys have had, so maybe we'll have you on again. Definitely let's do it. I mean, I'm sure everybody's gonna wanna learn more now. So how can people connect with you? Mm-hmm  yeah, the best way is to find it through our website, the journeymen collective.com and apply to connect.

Easy is that you guys are on Instagram too. Definitely. Yes. Yep. Yeah. And that handle is the journeyman, the journeyman, the journeyman collective. Yep. Yeah. Perfect. Mm-hmm  uh, well, thank you so much for sharing all of this amazing information. It really is what we need right now. Like I just way that medicine is shifting.

Just brings me so much hope. I feel so many more people are just being drawn to this type of transformational healing. Mm-hmm  and it really is. It's it's the medicine of the future. Exactly. Yeah. It's always been here. Mm-hmm  it has, it has the future in the now right in the now. Yeah, exactly. Well, thank you again so much.

We will have all of the links, so everyone listening can connect with Robin, Gary mm-hmm  and yeah, we'll see you all on the next episode. Thanks. Thank you so much, Krista. Thank you. Thanks so much for sharing your time and energy with us today. We'd love to hear your feedback on how our podcast has impacted your life and are also open to suggestions for new and interesting topics.

Please leave your comments with a quick review to help us grow this magical community of wellness warrior. And light workers every month we select one lucky re reviewer to win a big magic box containing all three of our beautiful magic lattes to connect with us further. Check us out on Instagram at wild underscore remedies.

Thank you again and see you at the next episode.

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