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Welcome to the Wild Remedies Podcast. I'm your host, Krysta Francoeur and I'm here to bring you captivating stories from some of the most fascinating people I've connected with on my own journey of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired.

Welcome Jay to the wild remedies podcast. Thanks for having me part two.  take two.  so. Jay. And I actually recorded this podcast already about a week ago and we had some audio issues, but then I was like, you know what? It was way too good. We have to rerecord it. Luckily we're friends, we live close together.

Mm-hmm  so we're like, let's just do it in person. Yeah. And if you're watching this on video on YouTube, we're actually gonna do a demo of a bit of a happy ceremony at the end. If you stick around. So bonus for both you and. Yeah, that'll be fun.  I love happy me too. Thank you for introducing it to me.

So you're welcome today. We're gonna talk about plant medicine. We're gonna talk about combo. Explain what all of that is. Jane and I did combo ceremony while she, did one for me, few weeks ago now, which was really profound. So we're gonna have a chat about. But first, I just wanna get things started off by talking about your entrepreneurial journey.

Um, and just get things started there because you are just such a badass when it comes to business and you've started and created the coolest businesses and you're doing so much for the community as well. So very mission oriented mm-hmm  and yeah, I just love the audience to learn a little bit more. So, you know, how, when did you get started with, with your whole journey?

Yeah, so it all kind of started.  oh gosh, maybe 10 or 15 years ago when I was just working corporate. And I remember typing into the internet. I want a religion, but not a religion.  and I just didn't know what I was searching for. but I just knew that this like up at 6:00 AM and dropping my son off at daycare thing, it just wasn't working for me.

And it was really missing a soul piece. so I quit my corporate job just on a whim and rented out my house and moved back in with my parents and started studying plant medicine. And from there, I started, uh, my first company and that was bear nature. So I was making like remedies and like selling them at the farmer's market.

yeah, from there, we started a not-for-profit community co-op out in Luby because we didn't have organic food. And then from there, birth, farm bound and farm bound. Uh, we connect people with, organic food locally, locally produced food through an online portal, and then they order and we deliver right to their homes.

So, yeah, it was just kind of a journey that all started from like searching for a connection with myself. Mm yeah. Yeah. I love that. Mm-hmm  and that's so interesting. Like, I, I didn't know that you studied plant medicine and stuff in the past. And so like, did you formulate all of your own products mm-hmm and everything?

Mm, yeah. Yeah. All from scratch and, and, um, you know, I really wanted to kind of get into the more medicine of the plants, but at that time, people really weren't that interested, but they were interested in creams that made their skin. Feel really great or tease or things. So I just kind of kept it there.

and then from there, actually it was what gave me the skills to be able to start bottled none, which is a plastic free shampoo and condition of our company that my sister and I own. And, and, uh, so it's like all of these skills just kind of built upon each other and built upon each other. Mm-hmm  yeah.

Yeah. That's so RA.  so then the spirituality aspect mm-hmm . So I'm assuming that that kind of started through this entrepreneurial journey since you were looking for a religion that was  a religion religion . So tell me about that and your, your, your process and how you got started on the spiritual journey.

Yeah, it was like, I didn't grow up in a religious. And I just felt like there was this sense of self that was missing. And so I started to get curious and study and I, I practiced with this one group for about six years, um, meditation. And, um, what style meditation was that, by the way you mentioned this before, um, I don't even really know what to call it, to tell you the truth.

It's this one really amazing woman. She's a psych psychologist and she's created this. This program and, and it's really beautiful in so many ways, but as with any practice it's, someone's interpretation of God's and it kind of as over time, you know, there's some really great things about it, but there were some that didn't resonate.

So I decided not to continue practicing, but I learned so many amazing things, so many amazing skills, so many different layers of myself. I, I had no idea about, and that just came through in a reflection transcendental. Um, meditation, you know, different energetic healing techniques. Mm. Um, and just kind of cracked me wide open to, to start to get curious about myself, about others and about like this journey.

Mm. Yeah. Yeah. That's very cool. Yeah. I love that. And so,  Well, I mean, I'm just gonna jump right into combo. Okay.  yeah. Like, okay. So we've got all this entrepreneurial stuff going on and starting on the spiritual journey. And it was just, I don't know, not really like there's all the seeking and stuff that's happening.

Mm-hmm . And then. kambo pops into your life. Yeah. How did that happen? Well,  combo came into my life in the most unexpected way. I was in Egypt mm-hmm  and um, of a gluten allergy. And we were in this newbie village and they were, you know, offered us this bread and they like. Grew their own grains and grow their own flour.

And this grandma was teaching us how to make bread in her Woodfire oven. And I didn't wanna be like, I'm sorry, I have a gluten now. She, you know, I know I've been there. Yeah. I've been there. And so I ate the bread and it was fucking delicious and I had three pieces. Um, so I was the first time I had bread shirt, you know, the struggle, right?

Yeah. Soft gooey bread. Oh my God. I literally, I haven't had bread. Yeah. Probably close to three years. Yeah. Yeah. So it was amazing. Yeah. And I was like, alright, we're doing this. So I ate all the bread and, uh, anyway, so I had this massive reaction. My stomach was in knots for days. My digestive system was a wreck.

All of my joints were inflamed. And this woman who was traveling with us originally from Columbia, asked me if I wanted to sit with combo and I had heard of it before and kind of thought it was a little bit crazy. Like I've sat with IWA sky. I've like, you know, done these other medicines. But I was like, why would you want to.

Like puke and shit and like all of this stuff. And anyways, we went through it all and she sat me with the medicine. And within 20 minutes, all of my digestive issues were gone. All of my inflammation in my joints was gone and I felt like a million bucks. And I was just like, whoa, I need to learn this medicine so I can bring it back.

Yeah. Bring back to our community. Yeah. Okay. Well, and people like who haven't heard of combo before, probably like what, what the fuck is this? Like, what are you talking. So if you Google it, it's gonna, like, you're gonna find a whole bunch of different experiences yeah. And things. But I mean, well, I'll, I'll let you explain the, the process and what it is.

Sure. Yeah. So, um, kambo, uh, Amazon medicine, it comes from the frog. It's a frog secretion, and it's used to detoxify the body. So it's called also called the vaccine of the forest. it was discovered through, so Iowasca. And then happe. So happe is considered the grandfather medicine and then through happe ceremony, they discovered iowaska.

Cause it's like, how would you take this vine in this leaf and put them together? It's like, what? And so it was through Ika ceremony and then it was through, sorry, ha ceremony IOSCO was uncovered. And then through iowaska ceremony, that combo was discovered. And so the story is that the tribes were getting sick and they couldn't figure out.

So they went to iowaska ceremony and then that's when iowaska guided them about how to do a combo ceremony. Mm-hmm . And, um, so they not only give it to the tribe when they're sick, but they also give it to the hunters before they go out into the forest, because it like detoxifies their body. So they don't smell.

And you also really get hyper aware. Oh, Mm-hmm . Oh, interesting. Yeah. And you get hyper aware of your surroundings. So like after combo, as you know, like, you know, the food tastes really good, like the water on your body feels really good. Like all of your senses are really heightened. Yeah. Cuz like basically, well it kind of feels like you're dying for a little bit, to be honest, but yeah.

everything's great after. Yeah, but during it, yeah. I, someone sent me a video of someone sharing. Experience of kambo. And at the end, they're like, it's not a party. Like, no, I mean, none of these things are like, I can't imagine anybody having, I mean, there, there, there are people that you. I guess kind of get addicted to like the, the seeking the experience of trying all of these different things and can overdo some stuff.

But I mean, like when you're doing like plan medicines and shit, like it's, it's intense, so intense. Yeah. Like it's not like, oh, this is recreational and I'm gonna do this every day, right? Yeah, yeah. For something to do, you kind of get a rough, get up the courage. Yes. To do that. Like when you feel the call to go sit with IO or a Boga, you're kinda almost like, oh God.

Okay. Yeah. OK.  it's a little scary in the beginning. Scary for sure. So yeah, combos, kombo's no different and it's intense, but it is shorter. the medicine's on you for a short amount of time. It's not like it's this six hour L listening. Like some of the other medicines can be yeah. Mm-hmm  yeah, that, that's the one thing that kinda, I guess, allowed me to feel comfortable in doing it cuz combo's something, I don't know.

It's funny. I always jump into these medicines that like, I feel like I would never, ever do. Yep. Like my very first like intense plant medicine that I've done. I Boga, which is like, . It's like, it's like Iowa at times, like 10. And I was like, I've seen documentaries and stuff on it. And I was like, whoa, that shit is nuts.

Like I would literally never do it. Yeah. And then one day I was like, um, so I'm doing this and I just, yeah. And then I did it and it was a wild ride. And actually, um, the. The, the gentleman who did my ceremony is gonna be coming on. The podcast are gonna be chatting about that. Amazing mark from iboga soul.

Yeah. I'm really excited. I'm excited for that one too. Yeah. I've been curious about it. Yeah. So you'll have to meet him. He's like, he's such a character. Cool. He's great. Yeah. Iboga scares the show to me. When you tell me you did iboga, I was like, yeah. Whoa. Like that's intense. It should scare the shit out, everybody.

Like it's not, it's not something that, that, that you play with for sure. Yeah. It's, it's very intense and combo too. Like, I mean, it's literally, it is a frog venom that gets put into your system through little small burns that you put on your skin and you know, you hear that and you're like, holy shit, that's intense.

Yep. But the burns really aren't that bad. Nope. Like it's like a little, yep. Just a little, little zip. It's just essentially breaking off the top layer of skin so that the medicine can go directly into your bloodstream. Yeah. So, yeah, it's the burns are the least of your worries. That situation. , that's what I thought initially.

I was just like, okay, so I'm gonna get like branded a whole bunch of times on my body. Like, are you kidding? And I, I, I assume like it would blister and then you'd pick the blisters off. And I was like, oh, this is. Suck. Yeah, but it wasn't like that at all.  no, it's just super gentle, especially if you're getting them some with the skin, say something like on your back or something.

Yeah. Sometimes on the feet it can be a little bit harder. I still have, oh no. Oh yeah. I still have my marks little marks on my feet. Yeah. The skin can be a bit thicker on the feet. So sometimes you have to kind of give it a couple goes to get through, but the rest of the body's fine. So yeah. Mm-hmm  yeah.

let's go through a ceremony. Yes. So, um, typically you sit for three sessions or three ceremonies for combo to be initiated in with the medicine, with the frog mm-hmm

And you wanna do those all three in the same moon cycle. Um, you know, since learning to serve combo, I think I'm at like 82 or 83 ceremonies. Now that I've either served or been present before. I know girl, like that's that happened so fast. So fast. Yeah. Cuz I just learned about the medicine a few months ago.

Oh. Like I was just in Egypt. In what? February? Yeah. Mm-hmm  yeah. And wow. But we just went training and then. Yeah, I've just been deepening my relationship with it. So, um, seeing the transformation for the three ceremonies is super important. Yeah. You know, you could just do one ceremony and you know, it's not like it's gonna be bad, but I think the three are really important.

The first one tends to work on the physical body a little bit more, the second one, the emotional body. And then the third one, the spiritual body mm-hmm . So it's really beautiful watch to watch the layers kind of unfold for people. the ceremony itself is about one and a half to two hours.

what we start with is this medicine called Ang. Son cuz it like burns. Yeah. This is usually the least favorite part for people. Yeah. Um, nothing I can say to anyone prepares them for how much, this fucking sucks.  um,  right. You can't sucks. So bad. What words can you describe like hot peppers in your eyeballs?

Times battery acid. Yeah. I'd go with battery acid. Yeah. That's how I describe it. so what happens is, is you lay down and we put one drop in each of your eyes and then you open the eyes and then the medicine goes into the eyes and it, and it intensely burns. And you often will have like a physical, like reaction at first where you're like, what the fuck.

what the medicine does, is it close your or fields? it teaches you to breathe into your heart.  and, you know, I, I sit with sinong with you. Mm-hmm  of course I'm in the medicine with you, which I think people like that we can be in the medicine together, but after sitting with SGA so many times, I really love it as a teacher, it, um, really teaches you to find that place of stillness and calm and peace, no matter how much chaos is happening.

Happening around you. Yeah. So, um, and then it can also help with eye conditions. You know, it can help with people who have degenerative eye issues. Um, one woman who sat with the medicine, can't see she had a eye damage from laser surgery and has no depth perception. And after sitting with SGA for about two to four hours after ceremony for the first time was able to see depth.

Another woman. Yeah, she can't, um, drive at night with, without glasses and was able to drive home at night with, without her glasses. So it can be a really beautiful medicine. They recommend. If you want to do an eye repairing kind of treatment, you do 21 days off, seven days on, or sorry, 21 days on seven days off.

Right. Of the medicine. So, um, my partner and my other friend, they're actually in the middle of that right now, they're sitting every morning together. I can't believe they're doing this like this. Yeah. Like, like battery ass in the eyes a hundred percent. And like, what is in this stuff again? Yeah. It's um, a certain plant from the Amazon.

So it's essentially just like, like a decoction of this one plant. That's like super good for the eyes. Yeah, but it is really interesting. And I like that this is how the ceremony starts off mm-hmm  so it's almost like you have all these rights of passage yeah. That you have to go through, right?

Yeah. Totally. And I wasn't expecting any of this when I did the ceremony, like I thought we were just doing combo and that was it. I didn't know about the other two things that we were doing first. And I was like, oh shit. Okay. We got like a whole thing going on here. Yeah. But it was interesting. So when the, the drops went, went into my eyes, it was like, whew.

Like it was like, it was very spicy for sure. Mm. Yep. but I mean, like we've had this conversation before and you know, the idea of. Doing things that are hard and painful on a regular basis kind of exercises this uncomfortability muscle. Yes. That is really important for resilience. A hundred percent in our lives.

Right? Yeah. There's so much teaching from SGA that, right. Yeah. And the more you resist the, the pain mm-hmm  the more it burns. Yeah. If you tense up and you're like, aha, it's it burns. But then when you relax into it and you can find that place of calm.  you can find that. And I even found, like, I am such a wimp with cold.

Like I don't like being cold. I avoid it at all costs you know, people wearing cold dips. I was like, why?  not a chance. Yeah. And I went for cold dips.  and I was like, okay, if I can do the Senga, I can jump in the lake when it's freezing. Like that's not the end of the world. I will be just fine. And then I felt amazing after doing it.

So it kind of shows you that interesting mm-hmm  yeah. And that could be totally transferred to, you know, all kinds of circumstances. Yeah. And just emotional processes and things. Mm-hmm , I'm learning a lot right now about. I've had a lot of practice with like sitting with pain and, you know, having a lot of dark net of the soul situations and things.

And this is a really good way to just like, practice that in a very intense way. Like if you can just relax into the pain, like it does, it does change. And one thing that I noticed, which I thought was really cool was every time we did the sunga, I would notice. I, I could just, I could feel the back of my eyeballs.

Mm. It was so strange. Like, I felt a lot of the intensity. Cause I mean, it goes in through the front of your eyes. Mm-hmm , but I'm really feeling it a lot in the back. And it was just such an interesting sensation. And when you do just like your body's gonna tense up, but like once you kind of relax into it yes.

Like it sucks. But if you can just focus on that sensation mm-hmm,  it transforms into something else. And it's such a amazing lesson for. everyday life, we're always gonna bump up against things. There always gonna be things that get put into our reality that are here to challenge us, and we can get overwhelmed with anxiety and all of these different things.

Mm-hmm  but. I'm starting to learn that we can transform these things a lot quicker by just surrendering to them. Exactly. Yeah. It's hard. Exactly. Yeah. Not, yeah, not easy. It's not easy. Yeah. But yeah, and I, for me that is the most beautiful lesson of Senga mm-hmm , you know, and, and so we get this, it's just a beautiful plant medicine teacher.

Yeah. And then also sets the stage for you to show up in ceremony in a different way, because you know, anything that you brought into the. Is gone. Yeah. You know, because all there is is you. Yeah. And there's nothing else for you to be concerned about, about what's going on in your eyeballs right now. Yeah.

and so then once that's over, you've kind of moved through or moved past. Yeah. Anything that you may have brought today it's, you know, so the thing you're worried about your job or your, whatever, your mother, you had a conversation with or whatever that is not it's, you know, lessen your awareness. Yeah. So you can really be present.

And then we move to the next medicine, which is ha pay mm-hmm  and we talk about your intention. So, Getting to the intention of the kombo ceremony is really important to get to an emotion. we all have very similar emotions that we're what that we wanna release. You know, we wanna release anger, resentment, fear, grief, guilt, and there's, you know, no self doubt, but yeah, there's this different movie playing around for all of us around the same, you know, core wounds.

And so if we can, you know, work through the story of.  Oh, my boyfriend cheated on me or my boss is a jerk or my dad was an asshole or whatever that was, and we can get to that fear or that anger or that core emotion that we, that we're ready to let go of. Um, that really deepens the intention of the ceremony.

Mm. another thing that's really beautiful teacher that's presented itself, is the notion of like, I, I release what no longer serves me. Hmm. So when we say that,  if we're coming at it from a place of this is really gross, get it off. It's possible that we haven't learned our lesson from that thing yet, because that thing is showing up as our teacher.

Mm. So if we're like, this is gross, get it off. It's we're not looking for the lesson in it, and we may be able to get it off for a moment, but it's gonna come back wearing a different. Or carrying a different purse or showing up in a different way that looks like it's not the thing, but it is really the same thing, energetically.

So when we are ready to release something that no longer serves us, we need to figure out how did it serve you? , you know, a lot of things that are really awful in our life serve us. They keep us safe. They give us reasons to say no, you know, illness gives us a reason to say no. codependent behavior keeps us safe because we don't have to take on responsibility of decision making.

Like, there's a lot of reasons why we keep this, these undesirable things in our life. Um, so it's like, how did that serve me? So really getting honest with.  what did it teach me? Have I got my lesson from it and have I moved to embodiment of that lesson? Like, okay, got it. Am I embodying that? Because once I've embodied it, I actually am grateful for the thing I'm grateful for the toxic behavior.

I'm grateful for the illness. I'm grateful for the abusive partner. I'm grateful for the, Thing that on the outside looks like your life may be falling apart, but it was actually your greatest teacher. So until we get to that place, we're not really in this place to like release what no longer serving me because it's still serving you.

Yeah. So, um, that's really one thing that's really come up in these ceremonies and then kind of seeing is really getting clear on the intention and, and are you ready to step into. Mmm. Mm-hmm , that's very interesting. Yeah. So intention setting for pretty much everything that we do, especially when it comes to some sort of transformational work is incredibly powerful and then pairing it with the plants, I think is so cool.

Yeah. Um, we didn't explain. What hape or RA is mm-hmm  so as far as I know, it is well, okay. So is it Ash of tobacco or is it just ground tobacco with Ash of botanicals? it can be both. It depends on who's preparing it. Sometimes they use tobacco Ash. Sometimes they use holy tobacco. Yeah. And then the blends are always different.

Um, it's typically prepared by the women of the tribe. Um, but there's sometimes the men prepare the medicine.   and then it is like a snuff. So you blow it up the nose. you can administer yourself or someone can blow into your nose. Mm-hmm  how you do it, which we'll do later. And we'll show people is you close your top of your throat.

Mm-hmm  and then the person blowing in you just receive mm-hmm  the experience, maybe you can describe the experience mm-hmm  kind of can be like a blast, but yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, it's it's, it can be a little unexpected mm-hmm  so it is a fairly, not significant, but it's you. It's it's a Palm full powder.

If you will, that gets blown into your nose at, you know, a fairly, fast degree of pace.  um, But, uh, yeah, so it's kind of like a slap in the face, but again, it's like that. What any sort of plant medicine that you're doing, like, there's an aspect of being uncomfortable.  right. And that's the Rite of passage.

So it's a bit of like a, who, uh, you know, fr from the beginning. What I really love about it. so Jay's got like a wonderful collection of all different types of happys with different botanicals and things. And so there was three that I tried initially, and I definitely got a different flavor from each of them.

The first two that we did, I found were extremely grounding for me. so it's kind of like, you get this initial who like, okay, this is a lot, you kind of tense up a little bit cuz you know, there's, there can be some pain, but then it's just like your whole body melts. And you're just like, okay.  that's the nice part about this.

And for me, it was very like, it was such a wonderful grounding experience before going into the next step, which is the, the combo. . but there was one that we did in particular, which was rose and rose for me is like a, a spirit, like it's a plant spirit that I feel really identified with mm-hmm . And so that experience was a little bit more uplifting mm-hmm  and I kind of got like more visuals of rose again.

So this isn't, it's a psychoactive plant. Medicine, but not psychedelic. I mean, unless I don't know if you did a lot of it. Maybe could. Yeah. I think you can do half ceremony where you keep blowing and blowing, which I've never participated in, but apparently it can give a psychedelic that sounds effect like it would be so painful.

so, yeah, definitely. But the more you use cafe though, the more you're familiar, like I'll I can blow now and then just. Yeah, it's not super intense, but the first few times definitely it's, it's a really intense experience and people, some people get visions. Mm-hmm,  some, you know, we sit with the medicine together and meditate and what'll happen sometimes is the deepening of the intention.

Mm-hmm  so if you have fear underneath the fear, maybe anger, maybe guilt, maybe shame mm-hmm  And that often presents itself in the ha pay. Yeah. Mm-hmm  yeah. Yeah. That's very cool. I haven't yet to have like a very, cuz I, I feel like I'm still practicing just with myself. So I fell in love with this so much that I decided to incorporate into my, my own practice.

so I've been doing it a little bit at home and so there's. Kind of like the part of me, that's just trying to figure out how to do it myself. Mm-hmm , you know? Yeah. Um, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what types of messages and things come in. Mm-hmm , as I get more comfortable with it and I'm able to relax a little bit more.

Yep. Cause I think in the beginning it's like, okay, well I gotta figure out how to do this. And yeah. When you have the self applicator, it's like, it's a whole thing. And so you figure out how to like, hold your breath and blow at the same time. And it's like, yeah, yeah, kind of go. Then you put it in and then flow.

Yeah. Yeah. So you're right. It's a bit of a situation the first few times you do it. You're like, ah, and then yeah, I could see that to able to relax into it. Yeah. And get the messaging, but, um, yeah, once you get comfortable with it, it's really can be a beautiful tool. Like I use it. Sometimes, if I'm, you know, you have a conversation with somebody and it kind of throws you off and you're not in love, right?

Mm-hmm, , you're thinking about all the nasty things you might say or do, or to show them or whatever it is that goes, how your process goes. Um, I can sit with the ha and it really clears out that noise for me and brings me back to a place of love where it's like, okay, this is how I wanna move forward.

Because that spin when you're in it, you know, you don't wanna be in it. You don't even wanna act that way, but it's really hard to snap out of it sometimes. Oh girl. Yeah. I know all about that. Yeah. Yeah. And this really is an experience that just, and I mean, like, this is something that just immediately aligns your chakras.

Yep. Right. And I've had a couple of experiences, so, well, we actually did a little bit. Uh, Pam was here. Mm-hmm  remember, she was kind of sitting. She was like, oh my God, like I saw this integration of like your solar plexus she's intuitive. So she could see the energy. And I was like, oh, that's so interesting.

Mm. And I had another friend, that, that I sat with and she was like, whoa, like, I don't normally see auras, but like I just saw your shift. Cool. Yeah. Which is really, really interesting. And there's also an aspect of decals. Fine. The penal gland two, I believe, right? Correct. Yeah. Yeah. So just kind of awakens you opens you up, aligns you mm-hmm  yeah.

And some, and some people struggle sitting with it. Some people struggle with that. Stillness mm-hmm , you know, I've had people where it blows a happy and all they wanna do is move around and get out of it. But then some people sink into it and just like, wanna sit there, sit in that beautiful medicine too.

Right? Yeah. So yeah. Yeah. We love happy. It's wonder. Okay, so now let's let let's chat about combo combo. Yeah. The, the big finale, the . Big  📍 finale.  

So after those two tortures accents. Yeah. , they're so beautiful though. So combo, so, um, you fast for eight hours before ceremony so that your stomach's empty and then.

We drink in a comfortable amount of water.  yeah. An entire Jack until you're like, oh my goodness. Uh, water's your friend in the ceremony for sure. And then, um, we burn the dots on your body. And so we can kind of intuitively pick where the dots go. Um, or we've been experimenting with like Chinese medicine and putting them on certain meridians to help release certain things which have been, has been interesting.

Um, to witness and to see the results and see the things that come up mm-hmm . Um, and then, uh, we say the intention again, often, AF as it's been deepened, through the ha and we activate the combo with saliva. So this is what the stick looks like. And you can see here, um, see on camera. So video video, people can see it.

Audio people you're just gonna have to check out the video. Yeah.  so it's like a little stick board thing, stick situation. Yeah. And it's got the frog secretion on it and it's dried and it, and it comes like that. Mm-hmm  okay. So it just comes as like the, the little piece of wood and it's got okay. Exactly.

And then this is full, like this one's probably had like 30 ceremonies and this amounts left. Wow. So then we act, say the intention and activate it with saliva, and then we take. And kind of go like this and scrape it off with the saliva. And then that's how the dots are made. Mm-hmm  and then they're applied to the whole.

So typically for me, how I was taught was to start with three, four, and then go four or five in your ceremonies. Some people start with two. Um, I mean, sometimes you can watch videos online where people are doing like 10, 15, yeah. Dots. Switch. Yeah. I've never sat with that much nor have I served it. That seems aggressive.

Um, seems a little aggressive for sure. Yeah. And you know what, sometimes it's not even the amount of dots. Like I had one person, um, who had a bit of a health issue. Um, so I was concerned about putting too much. So we just started off low and slow with two dots and their ceremony was like, Just as strong as when they had five dots on.

Oh, interesting. So sometimes I'm curious, like, you know, I've seen this with sitting with Ika where it's like, not necessarily the amount that you're drinking, it's more what you need in the spirit plant medicine, that kind of, you know, your intention, your, you know, it's, I mean, although having said that I did do six hero dots one time, which are like big dots, six of them, and it was a super intense ceremony, so yeah, I bet it was, it was a lot too.

So, but I mean, I guess you never know the thing that I'm learning in the ceremony is just when I think I know. About the medicine, I don't know. Yeah. And so I can just be like a humble servant of the medicine. Allow it to show up, however, it needs to show up for people. Yeah. Um, so yeah, the medicine goes on and uh, we leave it on for 20 minutes.

And you know, when it goes on, you start feeling that burning sensation where the dots are, and then you can kind of feel it travel if your body mm-hmm  and you get that warm, you really feel flashed. Your heart starts pounding. Your face, starts swelling a little bit. I was like, literally, well, actually we'll we'll post a photo on Instagram or, or something.

Yeah. Um, but yeah, Jay took a photo of my, like, we call it frog face . And, uh, yeah, it's not cute, but it's like, it's part of the process. It's part of the process. Yeah. You look and you look kind of old and some people are often facing down and their cheeks get all it's followed this little bit. Yeah.  and some people, it can last, I mean, some people it's lasted for 24 to 48 hours, but, um, typically even if you do get it, it's it calms down within an hour or two.

Yeah, I think, well, it lasted the most for me. I. I think the second, the second ceremony for me was kind of like the hardest, the hardest. Yeah. Yeah. That's super common. Yeah. I had definitely my face was swollen for, yeah. I dunno if it was that day or the third day, but yeah, it was, it was swollen for a few hours, but it wasn't like, oh my God, you look like, you know, yeah, something's terribly wrong.

Wrong. It's just, yeah. Yeah. I did have one person whose face will up like a lot. Yeah. Yeah. And that lasted for a day or two, but, um, It's only happened once. Um, but it is something that can happen and some other things that can happen in the ceremonies, you can have the te knee. Yes. That would do experience.

Yeah. Yeah. So experie very intense contraction of muscles and   sorry, I'm just laughing. So its like, okay. So another thing. So you're drinking all of this water and stuff. Right. And this is to purge and for some people that comes out through the mouth and for some, it comes out through, um, the other side and I'm, I'm a both kind of person.

And so. This is why it's really important to find a great practitioner. Mm-hmm  because that individual needs to follow you into the BA and like, make sure that, that you're they're safe. Yeah. Yeah. So Jay and I got close, like real quickly. Yeah.  and I remember on the third ceremony, I started getting the Ney and this is something that.

Normally happens to me when I do like an intense breathwork yeah. Breath session. Yep. Session. And this started happening. Gosh, it, it was like within five minutes mm-hmm  and so like, there was no hyperventilating or anything. So I was like, Ooh, this is interesting. Mm-hmm  so my hands cramped up, but also my feet.

And that generally doesn't happen. So my feet were like arched and then I was. Oh, I have to go to the bathroom. I'm like help me. And I'm like tiptoeing with like my cramp feet into the bathroom. And I'm just like, oh, the things that we do for healing, they do . Yeah. So funny, you can laugh now, but honestly it's like when you're in ceremony, you're just like, whatever.

And, and that's always, everybody's biggest concern. They're like, am I gonna have to poop in front of you? And I'm like, yeah, once you smell it. And I was. Like all I see now, honestly, when I see vomit and I'm just like, yes, like you're letting like, I it's, like I cheer it on and my nose is so full of happy.

I can't smell anything.  and it's like, honestly, it's totally not even a thing.  but that is funny. Or that's the biggest concern or people are go, oh, am I gonna shoot my pants? And you know, you don't like, you're aware throughout the whole ceremony. Even if you have technique, you can make it to the bathroom.

It's not psychedelic. That's another thing too, that people probably wonder about there's yeah. You're very aware of your faculties. You just feel. Pretty fucking rough for again, 20 minutes. Yeah. Yeah. Pretty rough. Yeah. So you kind of start so that, that heat, um, you know, potentially the Tenney and then you kind of just feel like you have the flu.

So it's like really hot and you're just like, Ooh, gosh. And then all of a sudden, the purging starts and then you want to drink more water because the more you can replenish your body, the more it gives a vessel, um, to exit. And, and we look at the pur the puke after, and we kind of see all the awesome stuff that's in there.

And it's really interesting just to witness what comes out. And, uh, I'm like, oh, it's just so fascinating. Like I've noticed with people who smoke either cigarettes or cannabis intensely, they have this really thick oh, interesting. Yeah. Thick, thick, um, color of yellow. That's not, that only tends to be with people who smoke.

and, um, yeah. And then there's bubbles for grief. Like there's all of these different things that, that come out, um, Canda, all of this stuff, so, right. Yeah. Yeah. It's been really interesting. Just staying curious about it. Mm-hmm  yeah. The theme for, for my ceremony was a lot of limp. Yeah. Yeah. Which is something that I've been wanting to release.

I do tend to get swollen due to some, some kidney stuff, so, yep. Yeah. It was very, very. Yeah, definitely. Mm-hmm  so that's really cool to witness, um, the woman who, who is from Columbia originally, but lives in Miami now who taught me the medicine. She's also a scientist. And so she studies people's blood. Oh, before and after ceremony and just notices how much cleaner the blood is.

And, um, and one person who sat, went for blood work after, and she said the man was like, I, I don't know how she heard him. Like, I dunno if it was a friend who did it or why, but she was like, she, he was saying, oh my gosh, your blood is so beautiful. Your blood is so beautiful. And it was right after she did combo.

Oh, wild mm-hmm  yeah. Super wild. Huh? And so what kind of like healings and things have, have you witnessed in, in people? Ah, I mean, reducing inflammation, digestive issues, um, one person after their second ceremony who struggled with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts for the first time woke up and didn't have that anxiety pit in their stomach.

Um, addiction. People and even just like mild addictions, like changing relationship with food, um, you know, the need to use like, you know, alcohol or recreationally cocaine recreationally, like things like that. Mm-hmm , I mean, I think like big, intense addiction issues take a little bit more like something stronger, like a Boga, but like, if you're getting to like the tweaks or you wanna start detoxifying your body, like people use combo with like a reset mm-hmm  right.

We're gonna purge everything out and I'm feel empowered now to kind of start new because it really does. It clears everything out of your system and you feel. You know, you wanna start taking care of your body, um, better. And then it's just the small, emotional tweaks that come from it. The wisdom that you got from sitting with the sung, the visions that you got from the ha like the small things that start to come together in your life, when you clear that stuff out can like add out to big results.

But I mean, having said that. It's only been since February, so yeah. Oh, you're gonna get to witness so much more mm-hmm  wild. Yeah. The woman who taught me, she sat hundreds of people and has been serving humble for years. And she just was like, believed so strongly in the power of the medicine. Yeah. Yeah.

And she's seen a lot of really crazy shit that you, you know yeah. People carrying things that they can't cure. Yep. Oh, I believe it. Yeah. There's a lot of power in a lot of these healing modalities. And this is the thing, like I always preach about this. It's like taking your health and your life into your, your own hands mm-hmm  and not putting it into.

Someone else's. And for me, I mean, I'm generally referring to the Western medical system. There's just so much more out there. Yeah. And healing, even though, like we have a physical issue. A lot of times that is stemming from something emotional or spiritual and CSL, there is a hundred percent, so much mm-hmm  and a lot of that can't really be tapped into until we have some of these energy systems and stuff open.

Yeah. Stressed. Yeah. Through heat, through breath, through cold water, through psychedelic, through purging. Yep. We stress the body to release these energies that are stored at a cellular level. Yep. And they're there for a reason. They're there to keep us safe. They're there because you know, if we didn't learn from our lessons, like, you know, you keep touching the hot stove.

Yeah. Right. But, and then also, but it comes time to overcome that. And whether it was in this lifetime, the last or your ancestors' lifetimes, that this stuff is so stored in your cellular DNA. You're gifted the opportunity to release it. Yeah. And it's not. And with combo as with any medicine, nothing is a silver bullet.

Like you're not like, oh, microdose seems the thing, or IBO is the thing for like, we're all so different. Yeah. And we all, and it's all gonna take these different medicines to remove the different layers and combo. Maybe be your teacher for a while and maybe your medicine for a while. And then you move on to something else and then you revisit it again.

The future, like it's nothing I don't think is, is a silver bullet. Cause we all are so multifaceted. We have such complex things going on. Right. . Yeah. And there's yeah. And there really is no silver bullet for anything. Mm-hmm, , it's kind of like, I, I feel like people who. It doesn't feel it at the time, but like are gifted with a healing journey.

Right, right.  you know, and like, it doesn't feel like that times doesn't feel like at times, like I have been healing my whole goddamn life and I tell like, I'm, I'm a little bit exhausted. Right. Like I, I fix one thing and then something else crops up and I'm like, ah, this is really annoying, but yeah. For me.

I understand that as part of my journey, because I'm meant to try all of these different modalities. Yeah. So I can have real results for myself and then be able to pass that wisdom off to, to other people that, yeah, this is how I discovered ways. Like I'm about to record a solo, so about like how I used to be on eight prescription Medi like medications.

Oh. And I'm now on zero. It took me get out a lot of years. Like I just got off the last one, maybe two months ago. Wow. That's so amazing. Yeah, but it was. Oh, my God, like the, it was such a long journey. Yep. I'm gonna explain it all in that episode, but yeah, it, it was a lot and it's not just one thing. And it's like these little, you know, crumbs that you need to follow here and there and you, you know, incrementally get better.

A lot of times we wanna reach for something pharmaceutical that yep. May make you feel better right away. Mm-hmm  but it's not actually getting to the root cause and it's gonna manifest as something else, so, yep. Yeah. You might feel okay. Well, and sometimes not like a lot of people don't react well to, to pharmaceuticals.

Yeah, I actually did. I was lucky  but I have a lot of girlfriends who are like, oh, I started birth control and then I wanted to like fucking blow my brains out and I. Oh, okay. Well, I didn't have that experience. I thought it definitely did like, you know, make my acne better for, for a little while, but again, it didn't address the root cause and it took me a long time to, to figure that out.

Mm-hmm  but yeah, there's, there's a lot more out there that can support us. And it's really great to see a lot more people reaching for those things. Yeah, definitely. Mm-hmm  yeah, there's definitely lots of options and, and pharmaceuticals are great. You know, I break my arm, I'm going to the hospital. I'm totally pain killers.

you know, and, and sometimes like things like antidepressant stuff, they are necessary. Yeah. Like it's not that Western medicine is completely bad. I just think like the framework around it really doesn't promote getting to the root of the problem, which is so much deeper than just the symptom that's presenting itself.

Yeah, absolutely. Mm-hmm . Mm. So we talked about this earlier in the episode last time. Yeah. And we gotta revisit this whole thing, but like Jay has that's amazing story. So she went to Egypt recently yeah. Where she was introduced to combo, but she also had like the wildest experience and like we have, we, we, we have to, we have to tell the story.

Yeah. We gotta go into that one. Yeah. Yeah. It was . So, so amazing. Um, so yeah, on Egypt, on the flight there, we're not gonna to Egypt, like five people brought me the Magdalene manuscript. Like you need to read this book, you need to read this book. So I had it. Finally, read it on the plane ride there. And then, and so what it's about is, um, Mary Magdalene and her accessing ele energy through, um, she's a priestess of ISIS and, and sex magic and how that's, how Jesus got his God power on earth to reincarnate and do all this thing.

And I mean, it's much deeper story than that, but essentially. It's about the, being a priest of ISIS, that's kind of the part that like really resonated with me in this like power of the orgasm. And so, you know, I'm going down the Nile and I ended up going twice down the Nile. It was super rare. It was like this, um, Atlantian activation path where you visit different sacred sites and say these certain sounds.

and then you activate your different cha. And so this teacher Mattia DeStefano, he's an Gaia. And he talks a lot about different like dimensions and all of this crazy shit that at first I was like, what the fuck? But then I was like, okay, this is really RA, he's the one who remembers this, this path that these people would take initiatic path on the Nile.

So we're doing this initiatic path and I get to the temple ISIS and it was like, cool. But like, I didn't, you know, I got a couple little messages, but nothing really that profound. And we get to the temple of DRA. I go down into this one, PA this one, um, hallway it's like beneath the temple and it's got all these crazy carvings in it.

And immediately I'm just getting ringing in my ears. And, so I sit there and this is on the second trip down the Nile. I had been there once the first time I was like, whoa, this is really fucking cool spot. But then the second time, I'm like, I'm immediately going in there before everybody else does. So I'm sitting there alone and the goddess of haw author visiting.

And I didn't really know anything about like Egypt history and stuff, like at this time. Yeah. So I don't really know what God, or got us belong to what temple. I was just along for the ride. So the Godes haw author visited me and she was like touching me and like stroking my body and whispering to me all these things.

And to the point that I actually opened my eyes and was like, who's here. And then she was putting her fingers in me.

As in finger bang as in finger banging. Yeah. Okay. So I was finger bang by Hawthorne.  in a dark alleyway finger bang by the ghost of Hathor in like, okay, were you in like a pyramid? Or like, yeah, it was at the temple of DRA and it was underneath in this like creepy hallway to nowhere. Yeah. Any other, other circumstance?

Super rapy this time. It was great. Oh, um, yeah. And she was whispering in my ear about this practice, this sex magic pro practice of ISIS and how I was, uh, I have been a priestess in the past and I know this magic and I just need to remember, and it's very clear instructions about coming back to Canada and starting this practice with my.

And I was like, okay. And I came over the hole and I was like, . I was like, almost a little ashamed. I was like, Ugh. And I didn't wanna tell anybody. I was like, so this thing happened. And I even didn't, I didn't even tell Brent, like I got back to Canada. I was like story. I was like, she was, I finally got the courage to tell a couple people on the boat what happened and they're just.

What the that's so rude. And I was like, so what I do, you know, you're with your people when, right? Yeah. When, when they don't think you're fucking crazy and they're just, just like, that is the dopest story ever. Yeah. They're like, yo, that's so amazing. Um, so yeah, what I didn't realize about the temple of DRA and that was actually where the priestess of ISIS practic.

It wasn't at the temple of ISIS. And I, I mean, I didn't know all of that, when that was happening. Cause I was like explaining it and the people were like, oh my gosh, like, of course that's where it happened because this is where these priestesses practice. Yeah. So that was really interesting how that unfolded cuz it was just like this like affirmation of the message, which was really cool.

Um, so yeah, I'm, you know, still not completed my task yet, but um, that book. The Magdalen manuscript just like fascinates me and the Sophia code that you let me too mm-hmm  like these activations from these, these goddesses, and then stepping into this divine feminine energy and the power of the orgasm and how that creation energy can be used to create on this plane for us.

Is yeah, just, just wild and I'm still exploring it. I'm still new to it, but, um, yeah. Yeah, that was my story. Well, highly recommend like anybody who is interested in this story, uh, to check out the book. Yeah. So I, I have the book as well, and it's a really, it's a really amazing story. So essentially, um, it's channeled, right.

It's channeled information and I really love the author or the authors. I mean, I know. Yeah. So it's to. Kenyan and Judy cion I believe. Okay. Yeah. Tom just seems like a really solid dude. Yeah. You know, like there's a lot of information out there that's like channeled or whatever. Yeah. And I dunno some of it I don't resonate with, but he seems exceptionally authentic to me.

Mm-hmm . Yeah. And so, yeah. I don't know, like, it's just, it's a very cool book. The story is about Mary Magdalene back in the day. So it's actually a bit of a history, less lesson, right. Because. These stories. Well, what we understand is like truth or history now is really been just rewritten. Yeah. So many times.

So yeah, absolutely. I believe that there's a lot more out there that we're not really aware of. Mm-hmm and we've experienced many centuries now where power has been taken away from women mm-hmm  and you know, this is very much the, the, the case I feel where, this woman, Mary Magdalene. Called a whore by the, the, the church.

but in this story, she was actually the wife of UA mm-hmm  or Christ as, uh, as we know, um, this person or this entity now. so it's, it's a really powerful story, which is really cool, but the alchemy and the magic that is explained in it is very cool and it's actually quite practical, right? Yeah. So again, it's one of those things I've had this conversation before about like what magic really is, right?

Mm mm-hmm.  we talk about the law of attraction and how that's a very commonplace saying, and you know, it's just, it's not even like weird to talk about anymore. Mm-hmm  um, but that's really what magic is. It's just it's intention, but you're just. You're you're adding more to it, right? Mm-hmm  like if you're doing a ritual of some sort, you're putting intention into these objects and then, you know, you're, you're manifesting around that.

Mm-hmm  um, with this type of sexual magic, it's, it's even more potent because you're using the alchemy of different feelings and sensations and thoughts and stuff within your body and even with another individual. Yep. In order to, you know, Um, either heal your body to energize it, um, or to bring up about something that you wanna manifest in your life.

And it's, it's really cool and really powerful stuff that I think like every woman should yeah. Have that info. Yeah, totally. Yeah. And start exploring it. And it's something that you can do on your own or it's something you can do with, with a partner. And I've seen like some amazing manifests, just manifestations in my life, through the orgasm and things that I didn't even think were possible.

And if you think about it like that, the womb is a portal. Mm-hmm  that other beings come through, like, like that's a very powerful place. Mm-hmm  and that, that Kini rising that activation, like that's what that's creates life. Yep. There's nothing more magic or powerful in this earth than creating life.

Like the holy shit. And, um, whew. I'm even getting goosebumps talking about it, you know, mm-hmm  and someone said something to me and it really, you know, cause sometimes we can kind of get along. We start. Playing with these things. Are we having like, you know, to our finger bangs you in the hallway, like all this stuff happens.

They're like, am I going crazy? Or like, what is happening here? but , um, someone said something to me and they said magic is just science that hasn't been discovered yet a hundred percent, you know? So. You show an iPhone to somebody a hundred years ago. And they would be like, what the fuck? Yeah. Is this sorcery?

Yeah. Yet to now we just accept it as normal mm-hmm  so imagine all the things that we don't understand, all the things that we can't see, all the things that we don't understand how these are alchemizing, but somehow we're starting as infants to play around in these worlds. And we're like, oh, this is kind of working.

This is not like, you know, I'm sure we. Hilarious to beings who understand it fully, but we're just like children trying to call or walk for the first time. So it kind of takes the pressure off if you're having this experience, it's like, you can have that experience. You have permission to just cuz you don't understand it.

Yeah. Yeah. Hmm. I love that. Mm-hmm  well, I think this kind of concludes our episode. Mm-hmm  First, I want people to UN, to, to know where they can connect with you. Yeah. We're gonna do a little bit of happy afterwards. Yeah. Um, but because our listeners won't be able to watch what we're doing, we'll just, yeah.

We'll do it in that succession, so. Okay. Yeah. Tell people where they can connect with all your things. Yeah. Uh, okay. So, uh, the shampoo, uh, bar company, yes. Is bottle none. Mm-hmm  so bottle, none.com or.ca if you're in us or Canada. And then if you wanna follow along my journey, um, with combo.  um, I just have a personal Instagram for that.

So it's J so J a Y E dot I N. Dot trust. And trust is my word for 2022 mm-hmm  surrendering and trusting the process. Um, and that might change for next year, so maybe slightly different, but, and then also the website for combo is we grow.one. So. That's how you can find me. Amazing. Mm-hmm  thank you. Thank you for sitting with me for round two.

I think it was way better. Yeah, we had, I think this is good.  yeah. All right. Thanks my sister. We're gonna do a, a little bit of, a little bit of happy now and get, get grounded and connect. Amazing. Thank you so much.

Thanks so much for sharing your time and energy with us today. We'd love to hear your feedback on how our podcast has impacted your life and are also open to suggestions for new and interesting topics. Please leave your comments with a quick review to help us grow this magical community of wellness, warriors, and light workers.

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