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What is up everybody? Welcome to another episode of the Wild Remedies Podcast. Today is. I mean, I love this podcast today mostly because we get to get into my astrology chart a little bit. . It's a really fun one though. Um, so we are chatting astrology with Vika Bradford. I love the way that she approaches astrology.

It is a lot different than what I've seen before. She focuses on something called carmic astrology. So instead of kind of like all the love and light woo stuff that some people tend to focus on, um, she is looking at some of like the darker patterns that we have in her charts that are our lessons and things that we need to go through in this life.

And if you're due to astrology, she's gonna break it down to let you know exactly what it is, how it works. We're gonna go through my chart a little bit because I thought it would be a cool way, um, to. Uh, show people how it relates and what an astrology reading is like. So for me, the things that she had mentioned, I was like, Oh my God.

Like we literally just talked about this exact thing before we got on the call. Uh, so yeah, you'll see how it really does just, we talk about permission slips, like how it gives you permission slips to really recognize and embody the patterns and things in your life that you're already noticing. Um, astrology also can really help, um, you know, guide your purpose and what you're here to do.

So this one should be really cool. And just a little bit more about Vica before we get into it. She's an energy healer, an astrology practitioner. She's also studied yoga. And she is a cosmic shaman ruled by, by Pluto, which apparently I am too. And it's, it's, it's kind of like a struggly planet. You'll, you'll, you'll hear all about it in the episode.

It's a good one. . She began her journey, uh, to healing through her own struggles with suicidal thoughts, depressions, and panic attacks. Oh my God. Same, same. No wonder we have like the same Pluto thing going on. Um, but she has since healed herself deeply, um, with her body and her soul. She recognizes that healing is a lifelong journey, and she set out to harness and teach the tools.

That have continued to calm her soul. So through her powerful astrology readings, energy healing, and shaman work, she helps people embody their cosmic signature and begin to bring the nonphysical down to earth. Her focus, um, with her work is on deep transformation, transmuting shadow to light, and helping people to own their authentic cosmic rhythm.

All right, so let's get into this one. You guys, you're gonna love it. Without further ado, let's meet Vika Bradford. Welcome, Vika. I am so, so pleased to have you on the podcast today. How are you? So excited to be here. Thank you for having me. I am, I'm good. Uh, I'm definitely like going through the motions. I think most of us are, Anyone listening to this?

Whenever you're listening to it. Sure. You're going through it, going through the motions, but good. In an all about way . I think that's kind of the best we can hope for these days. Yeah, like literally we're living in chaos, so like as long as we can pretty much look around and be like, We're good, uh, then we're doing okay.

Yeah. Yeah. It has felt exceptionally chaotic. I mean, I don't think a single person on the planet right now can be like, things are normal in this world at this point in time. I'd like to meet that person if they exist and just be like, What reality do you live in? Seriously? Oh my gosh. Well, I am so psyched to chat about astrology with you today.

I feel like it's. Most women's favorite subject, and like most men's, like biggest eye roll subject for some reason, you're bang. Seriously. Like I, I, I don't know, I come across this all the time where guys are like, dog and astrology, and I'm just like, What, where, where did this come from? Like, it's just, it's kind of silly to me, like there is so much history behind it.

Like, why don't you give us just, you know, a quick explanation about what astrology actually is. Totally. And I actually love that you said that because I think like what happens with guys is they want like the tangible science behind things, right? Like they want it to be linear. Whereas, um, the way pop astrology has been presented to the world is that it's very esoteric and feminine, um, in that it isn't like tangible or factual, right?

Um, but when we actually go into astrology, it's the blend of science and. Art, right? Mm-hmm. , it's both. And so it actually is masculine and feminine. So I think that's where most males have missed out on the actual, you know, science behind the artistry. Mm-hmm. . So when we're tapping into astrology, like it's, it, it is that blend of science and art, right?

It's the science and craft of how the planets are moving, what the planets are doing, how the planets are interacting with each other, um, and not just the planets, obviously all cosmic bodies and how they're interacting with, you know, our own personal birth charts, experiences, energies. If we could just like break it down into a linear logical fashion for a second, we all know that vibration is real, right?

Like, we can't deny that if we look at science vibration is real. We know that we are vibratory beings. We can't deny that. Again, quantum physics is all right there. The planets have vibrations. Earth has a vibration, right? Like the sun has a frequency. Everything has a frequency. And so we are like interacting with that frequency.

And so each planet, Terry body doing a thing is causing a ripple effect in the frequencies. And I think that's really where we can understand why we are impacted by the cause, by bodies. So astrology is really just the study of how those frequencies, vibrations, energies, are working and interacting at any point in time.

Does that break it down ? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And I had somebody explain it interestingly to me once where it was like, okay, so we visibly see how the moon affects the entire ocean. Yeah, totally. Totally. And human beings are like, what are we like 70, 80% water? 90%, 90? Yeah. Like a lot. Like we're basically just water.

We're just water. Yeah. We're just Wait is like cucumbers with anxiety. That's fine. . That's the meme that will always live with me. . I love that. But yeah, like to think that, you know, what is happening up in the heavens, especially when it comes to the moon, right? And like, we see this too with, you know, my mom is a nurse for example, right?

And she's just like, shit gets wilded on a full moon. Like she doesn't, you know, she's not totally into this stuff, but like, but you can't deny it. Yeah. Yeah. I mean like paramedics, you know, like Salise, ours. Yeah, like ours. I used to bar 10 and the full moon every month. We'd be like, It's a full moon tonight.

Fuck a lot. And it would just get crazy every time. You'd get the wildest situations where you'd just be like, nothing else could explain this, but like the heightened emotional energy of the full moon. Yeah. Wild. It's wild. Oh my God. Okay. And so when you're doing like astrological readings, you're reading off of somebody's birth chart, right?

So this is kind of like the energetic imprint that we come in with. Totally. And so I call it like personally can call it whatever you want, but the language I use is like a soul blueprint or like younger cosmic blueprint. And. It's like in my, my view of the things as a Carmex astrologer, I see it as like when we're up in the ether and we're like deciding to incarnate, I believe that we choose our sole blueprint very intentionally.

Not just like how we're sort of gonna express our personality, but also the transits we're gonna go through. Right. Like putting a lot of stuff here, you know, like, okay, you're gonna have these specific, um, difficult transits for your life that are gonna be your growth processes. So it's such a multidimensional thing, but yeah, call it the sole blueprint of like you and how you are going to experience life on earth.

Yeah, I think about that often and sometimes I just like curse my higher self and I'm just like, Why? Why did you choose this for us? Every day. Every day. I'm like, really, really? Uh, like in my chart, I have chose a lot of plutonian energy. And for anyone listening, plutonian energy is very, Oh, it's intense.

It's destructive, it's transformative. It's the like, death rebirth process, right? Um, so I came in with a heavy dose of that in my actual personality and then like I chose to incarnate where I will never not be experiencing a Plutonian transit in my life. Like I'm gonna die in a Pluto transit. When you look at my chart, I'm just like, I chose this.

Like I chose every minute of my life to be death and rebirth. Like, and I look up and I'm like, really? This is what we're doing here. . Oh, wild. Oh my goodness. Yeah. Okay. So a lot of challenges. Yeah. And like that's totally my process and it is my, it's, it's exactly what I look at. I'm like, I know why, I know why we're doing this.

Yeah. Um, but yeah, like if you don't know, for instance, that's the magic astrology. If I didn't know that, like I didn't a long time ago, um, life feels like. Painful or like, it's hard, it's challenging, and you're just like, Why do I keep having these dark nights of the soul? Whereas now I'm like, Okay, here we go again.

Yep. We're gonna do this and get stronger. Yeah, absolutely. Right. I feel like that's where you can really find grace in your life is when you understand like the inner workings of what you are meant to do here. Yeah. And you know, life, life is duality. Like, it's never gonna be simple, right? Like we need to have the lows in order to appreciate the highs and you know, if you can figure out a way, you know, to, to navigate these lows with some grace, it sure it sure makes things a lot easier.

I mean, like, it's still shitty. But you don't have to be through, I always use the analogy of throw cause like I just, I, before I kind of became awake to like what else was happening, um, in, in the universe, there was a lot of self sabotage, , and I always refer to like throwing yourself on the bathroom floor sobbing hysterically with the bottle of wine kind of thing.

I feel like I've graduated from that just to being able to. Sit and like maybe do some breath work and just be like, Okay, this too shall pass . Rather than just being like, everything is horrible and everything is happening to me and I have no control over anything. You know? A hundred percent. I call that like the, the observer, right?

Like, and I've been in that so much lately of um, just like my process of life right now, and I'm just like, everyone's like, How are you? And I'm like, You know what? I'm good. I'm just observing. Mm-hmm. , I'm just kind of like watching the chaos of my experience right now happen and unfold without any emotional, uh, attachment to it because I'm like, okay, this, I know why I'm going through what I'm going through based on my astrology, my transits, my energy, and so I'm just like, Okay, we're, we're doing this and it's okay.

Whereas, you know, 10 years ago I would've been a basket case. Right. I would've been, I mean, I didn't, I stopped drinking a while ago, but like, I mean, I would've been near close to that bottle of wine on the bathroom floor, like just to completely zoning out, avoiding escaping, uh, just not to experience the, the intensity of earth right now.

Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I'm glad you mentioned the Pluto thing because I, I wanna come back to that. I saw a post that you had made a little while ago, so I'm curious. Okay. Um, but one quick question that I have before, I wanna learn about what a Carmic astrologer is. Yeah. Okay. So, yeah, wait, before you get into that, Okay.

What, what's the difference between vadc and tropical? So there's like so many different lenses of astrology. There's vad, which is in Cial, and then there's tropical, and then there's dra, there's this, there's that. There's so many. Oh, there's so many. There's so many. And they're all like, I don't really understand how, um, I haven't delved into dcon enough to know how they read, but it shifts everything too.

Um, but tropical is like the traditional astrology, you know, we grew up with, you know, um, typical. We both have sons in Virgo, da da da da. What actually is happening in the sky with tropical? And it's very interesting because I'm exploring this like within my own realm right now. Um, in tropical astrology.

It's almost like they froze the sky. Thousands of years ago. Right. Okay. So the planets are actually not in the constellations. We say they're in. So right now, for instance, the sun is in Virgo. It's not actually in the constellation of Virgo. The sun is actually in the constellation of Leo right now. Well I just looked that up before we got on cuz I was like, I just wanna have my chart up just in case I need to make a little reference cuz I don't have it memorized.

Mm-hmm. . And I'm looking at the Vick one and it's like, it's saying here that my ascending is Virgo and that my son is Leo and my mom is Paris. And I'm like, what is happening? Like my entire identity is like shattered . Yeah. So that's the thing. Okay. So like tropical is like they, they froze the sky in Hellistic times, essentially.

Okay. Um, and then, Cial is the sky is actually, you know what it is right now. So, um, in Cial astrology right now, the sun is in Leo because the sun is actually in the constellation of Leo. Now, there's so many theories on, like, I, I don't believe there's a right or a wrong here. I believe it's all, um, layers of our cosmic evolution.

I think we're multidimensional. I think that's why we experience different things, and I think they all have validity. Um, I think you find the one you're meant to find and then you'll find another layer and it's just another piece of your soul that you're like, shit. But when you first go into, after you know, you know, you're, you're a Virgo, you're this like me, I'm a Virgo, Sun Leo Moon in my brain, when I go into Sidal, I'm a cancer moon and a Leo son.

Okay, My Leo's still there. I'm like, Yep, yep, yep. But then I'm like, Cancer. Mentally, I have a hard time with that because cancer is actually a very wounded energy for me. Um, so then, you know, when I go deeper into it, I'm like, Oh, it's actually like pretty legit. So it's just another layer of me. So when we're looking at all the different, like layers and options and how systems and this and that, I don't think any of them are wrong.

I think they're just different scopes of us. And that's basically like the simplest way to break it down. Right. And then with vidic, like, doesn't it also have something to do with like, so your, your chart would be your chart. So what we traditionally understand as like our tropical zodiac, it would still be that at the time of birth.

But because like planets and stuff shift and move, you know, like throughout time it's kind of relating to that aspect. Is that not? I'm entirely sure I haven't studied tic, um, at all. Okay. I just have delved into just reading the chart in inside, which is what TIC uses. So I just know Yeah. Personally, like Tic uses a lot of beautiful medical astrology, which is I think wonderful and amazing.

But other than that, I don't know much on the, how they read. Gotcha. Okay. It's complicated. Well, it, all of it, right. , its, it is very, it's very complicated. I mean, there really is a true science to this. It is, and it's really interesting because when I first had my chart read, it was, um, it was Aveta reading, and then I learned about how that relates to like Iveta and all of these things.

And when you're seeing an Ave practitioner, they, you know, they first do your chart and I'm like, Oh my God, that is so cool. Absolutely love that. That's amazing. Mm-hmm. . Okay, so carmic, astrology, What is, what is that? Yeah. Okay. So a carmic astrologer, and I don't know if this was like a term before, I'm sure it was.

Um, but it's just what I started calling myself because when I started reading charts, like I was just automatically drawn to wounding and, um, pain points and repeated patterns and Pluto and, you know, these heavy hitters in the chart that, um, aren't typically looked at. And I just kept being like, Why do I have to keep going into, like, why does my soul have to automatically go into like, Oh, this hurts you and this hurts you and this psychological wounding lives here.

And like, and I noticed a pattern. So, um, I started really going into like, pa is there a link between past lives and astrology? Mm-hmm. . So that's what essentially a carmic astrologer is, is we're looking at past repeated. Situations energy, soulmate connections, da da da da da, um, that you bring into this incarnation in order to like learn.

So Karma Room, we really think about it as like, um, like the, the experience of, you know, what did the cause and effect essentially, right? So like what happened in past lives is sort of what you came here to sort out is the theory of karma astrology. So what I do is look at your birth chart to see why did you come?

Like, why are you here? A, I'm looking at your purpose points, which are the more light and fluffy and enjoyable parts of a reading with me. Actually, not always, but most of the time, you know, it's like, oh, we're looking at your destiny points. It's like, okay, that feels really good. Um, but I'm also looking at those soul wounds of like, what did you actually come here to work through?

Like, why do you keep doing this? Why do you feel these very deep pain points within your soul? Why do you keep attracting the same partner? Why do you keep doing the exact same thing over and over and over again? Right. Um, so like, it's like soul therapy, but I can't use the word therapy. So, um, that's really what my sessions are, is like we go into deep, deep wounding and destiny to understand why you're.

Okay. I'm obsessed with all of that. . Sounds amazing. Yeah, so I, I mean, I love the purpose aspect that, that you brought up. Um, you know, I feel with, I've really only had that one reading done, I think. So it'd be really cool to have another one. I'd love to book one with you. Um, but the one that I had, it was, you know, it was very enlightening.

Um, you know, there were aspects that were very bang on, like . Literally she told me, she was like, and she knew nothing about me at this point, but she was, uh, this woman, she was like, You should be doing something in health. Um, and it should be a product, it should be luxury, it should be beautiful , and it should be more good for women.

And I was like, What the fuck? I was like, how do , how do you know this about me? You know, at the time I just, I had my first Chaga Tea product, but like, you know, the packaging was beautiful and the whole thing, and it was, you know, it was very much marketed for me. And so I was like, Okay. And she's like, Yeah, like, so you're, you're doing your Dharma.

This is what you're supposed to be doing. And I was like, Oh, okay. That feels really good. You know, I've been doing this because, you know, I've, I've had all these mystical experiences and things and following the breadcrumbs from the universe and that, you know, I think also really just solidified that for me as, okay, I guess this is the path that I need to take, even though it's been really fucking hard.

Yeah, really hard. Um, I always keep that in mind. And so it's really helpful to have that, that kind of information in your own. Definitely. Yeah. Definitely. And I love that because like, I feel like most of my readings and you know, when I work with my clients, my mentors, my students is like, it's mostly confirmation of what the soul already knows, right?

People come in and be like, I felt like this my whole life. And I'm like, I know you have, and now I'm here to give you permission. Cuz clearly you need it to be your most authentic self. Like the thing with car astrology, with all astrology is like, you already know. It's just the universe has, or like, not even the universe, the world society has programmed you to think you can't be what you are.

Mm-hmm. . And so, uh, what I love about. Going into wounding and pain points and all the like, deep, dark, gritty shadow work is like, that's also your purpose. You know, we like to pretend like we can shove it all down in the dark and not talk about it or not, you know, process our stuff and we'll be okay, but, and, and so many people focus on the light of astrology, right?

Like the, like, oh, you're, you hear this and it's so exciting and la la la but like, your pain points are also your destiny, right? You came here to heal stuff within yourself. And often, you know, those more exciting points. Like, you know, I, I look at the sun as a life school and of course your north nodes, your destiny or like your purpose point, um, or your midheaven being that highest point that you're looking toward, like to go toward those points are assisting in facilitating you healing.

Like, so the, the pain points are actually confirmation or assistance to help you on your path. It's all interconnected and we can't have one without the other. Okay. That's wild. Okay. And, and that leads into my next question. I was wondering like, um, how healing based astrology works? And I think you just kind of explained it, right?

Yeah. It's, it's like it's complex in how, you know, every person's different. Um, so when I'm working with my clients, like I'm going into like the very psychological pain points. I'm going into the dark with my people. I'm taking them into the places they don't wanna go. Um, although everyone who comes to me is ready to go there, like I've never had a client be like, Don't go into my wounding.

Um, but you know, I'm gonna take you into the places that provoke you because that's my job. Um, and then from there, like when I'm working with healing, it's like, I like to take it down to earth. You know, the Virgo comes in, I have a Virgo, Sun, Mercury, and Venus, and all my Virgo wants to bring everything down to Earth, right?

It wants to take all this esoteric knowledge and make it tangible for my clients. So, Let's bring it here and into your body. So we're looking at like, what are the practices that you can physically do, whether that's a physical practice of like moving your body, taking herbs, um, eating differently, uh, or journaling on my clients that are getting journal prompts, like all the time.

So it's like, how can we bring. The stuff up there and in your birth chart into like a physical practice where it's not just, you know, a birth chart on a screen or, um, the cosmos of Baba we're not just like disconnected from it and Okay, Mercury is in retrograde. Well, like, what does that mean and what, what can we do with that?

Right. I think that's where the healing comes in is like the mental, the psychological, the spiritual, and then bringing it down to earth, the physical. I love that. How, how did you, how did you discover astrology? Like how did you get into all of this? Okay, so I wanna take a quick second to let you guys know about the other side of wild remedies are incredible wellness potions.

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Finally, we have Almond Lavender Dream, which is like a literal chill pill in a cup. It has potion, relaxation, herbs and delicate notes of ATO and vanilla to help you unwind at wild remedies. Our goal is to bring you the best of nature for the betterment of humanity. Now let's get back to our interview.

Um, so it's kind of random when I, oh gosh, what was it? 2014, I was dating a guy that just got me this book. Um, That I'll tell everyone in the whole world to read if you haven't. Uh, it's Astrology For the Soul by Jan Spiller, and it's all about the north node. So he bought me this book. Someone had bought him for this book, and he was like, You need to read this.

So bought it for me and it was the first like point that wasn't, you know, my sun sign that I had looked at. Mm-hmm. . Um, at that point I didn't even know my moon side. I didn't know anything, but I knew my North note at that point. And I was like reading this book being like, Who the hell was following me around writing a book about me for my whole life?

And like then presented to me and I was like, shit. Like all of my darkest shit just put on paper. And I was like, Wow. Wow. Um, so I kind of left it there for a while and I was just like blown away. But that guy needs the healers path. Okay. So I have a, uh, my south note is in Leo. Um, my whole life I wanted to be famous.

I wanted to be seen. I wanted the world to be like, Look how amazing that one is. Um, I was, uh, like I, I was famous for a while. I was a singer songwriter. I, I did the whole thing. I, I, I hated. Interesting. And you know, my north node being an Aquarius guided me. Like, I am the humanitarian, I'm the healer, I'm the, the usher in of the new age.

I'm here to break the matrix. And I was like, Oh, okay. So I sat on that for a while, became a yoga teacher, did my reiki practitioner, got my master's, did this, became a crystal healer, la la And in all of that I was branding my yoga business. And I found my first mentor through branding, through astrology.

So my friend, yeah, Britney had connected me to my, my mentor Daphna. And I just literally was there to brand my business. And I'm learning from her and I'm like, Oh my God, this is like the piece I've been looking for. Like this is the love of my life. Um, so from there, I, I did my mentorship with, with Daphna Dafna Romanoff.

She's amazing. Um, and. Here I am . Oh, that's such an awesome story. I love that. It was super random and like, it was just literally the universe giving me stepping stones, uh, until I was ready. I think I needed all those other tools, all the, like, I needed the yoga, I needed the reiki, I needed the crystals, I needed all the embodiment stuff first before I got that, like final puzzle piece.

And then it was like, there we go. Now you can do your work. Yeah. Yeah. That makes sense, right? Making sure you have all the tools first, because if you, you found, if you found your love first, I wouldn't have gone for the other tools. Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't like the way, I'm so obsessed with astrology. I just study all day, every day when I'm not working, I'm studying astrology and if you had given me astrology first, like I would never have done anything else because I don't, I don't want anything else.

Wild. Oh my gosh. Well, I mean, you're obviously very knowledgeable and I love, and I love the twist that you put on this, right? By like looking at all of these like car traits. I wonder if it would be, I don't know, like what are your thoughts? Because I feel it would be really cool. Would we be able just to pull up my chart maybe and just go through a couple of these things that you normally would with other people?

Totally. Just to kind of break them down. Like in particular, like the, the Pluto placements, like you mentioned that in the notes. Yeah. I dunno. I always find like, I, I don't know. I, I seem to get more out of it when I can hear it related to other people and like see hundred. Okay. Um, do you want me to pull it up in, in my reader?

Sure. Okay. Uh, hold on here.

Okay. Just gimme your birthday. So it's September 9th. Oh, you just had your birthday be the latest, what year? Uh, 1984. Four time, 9:00 AM 9:00 AM place Fort St. John BC St. John. Ok. Let's do this way up north. Okay. September 9th, 9:00 AM Fort St. John. Okay. Okay. Okay. Um, I like that you have 9:00 AM and you were born on the ninth.

I feel like that's, that's something There's a lot of nines going on. Yeah. I've got a 20 nines in mine too, so that's super interesting. That's cool. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Peeking, peeking.

Okay, so you're a Libra Rising too. You are as well. Yeah, I am. That's cool. Okay. You're 22. Yeah, I'm a 26 degree lever rising. Okay. So you got Pluto in your first house till, Oh my gosh. Of course. We were supposed to talk. Okay. . Yeah. Is this why I also have so many trials and tribulations in my life? Yes, it is.

Yes. I feel that this is gonna happen. . Yeah. Oh my gosh. And you have your north note in the eighth house. Okay. So I love that you pulled up your chart. Cause this is like perfect, perfect example for everyone. Okay. So like Pluto in the first house, Oh my goodness. This is the reason I read the way I read is because when I first pulled up my chart and I'm looking at it cuz I, um, the way I learn is through my own chart, right?

Like, and then, you know, from there, that's how I teach my students is we learn through your chart so you can understand your soul shit so that you can bring it to other people and be like, Okay. Mm-hmm . So when I started studying my chart, Putting, having this Pluto in the first house, I just like, was screaming at me and I was like, What is this conversation?

It feels really important. And my mentor actually said at one point she was like, because I kept reading the wounding, the psychological pain points, all this like car stuff. She was like, it's like Pluto is using you as a conduit. Like, she's like, I believe the planet speaks through us and Pluto wants to talk through you.

And I was like a hundred percent. So Pluto in the first is very much around these like massive transformation energies. Transformational energies of identity. So what I say for my Plutonian first house people is your always in a death and rebirth process. It's, you're always starting new chapters. You're always burning it down.

It's like people who have Pluto in this house don't have like, you know how some people just like move through life in a way? Like they're like in one process and then they move and then they're in another one. And life just like kind of like. You know, flows. Okay. Yeah. Some people, you won't relate to that, but some people flow.

Okay. Pluto in the first house, people burn shit down. It's like every couple years you completely burn shit down and start over, and it's like solid. The chapter closes and you open a new one. You know, it's, there's no flow because it's like constant transformation. You're a new person every day of the week almost.

Right? Your identity is constantly changing. Yeah. Yeah. It very, I mean, I literally said that before we even got on this call. Didn't I just tell you that I wanna burn my life down right now, ? Literally, And now I know why, because, and I say to my Pluto in the first house people and my Pluto and the eighth house people, I'm like, Please be very careful about whether you're burning your life down because you're bored or because you actually need to transmute and transform because.

Your job is literally to do that, but you also get bored and you go, Okay, I'm bored now. I'm just gonna blow it up. Okay. So like, that's like the, like one side of it, the Carmic side is like, when I'm looking at Pluto in the first house, Pluto is our Carmic wounding Pluto. Our whole Pluto Scorpio generation is all about reclaiming power.

Okay? It's reclaiming and transmuting power. So our struggle with our generation is, um, the desire for power and also the feeling of powerlessness. So when we look at our generation for a second, just like the, you know, millennials for instance, we feel powerless. We, most of us can't buy houses. Most of us didn't get like normal life milestones powerless.

Okay? We feel powerless to generations ahead of us. We feel power powerless to generations beneath us, the world. We feel like the victims, cuz everyone's like Dan, Millennials. Scorpio. Scorpio is the scapegoat. Scorpio is the transformer. Scorpio's power. It's power struggles. It's like Pluto brings up all psychological healing.

Um, and so when we're looking at Pluto anywhere we know in Scorpio it's like about, you know, power struggles and healing the psychological wounding. Um, I call this the witch wound as well because it's very much related to, you know, witch persecution. I have theories around this, this Pluto Scorpio generation being like the witches reincarnate to right.

And we're so witch of us are identifying with this like, Totally wild. And if you think back to the actual transit of Pluto in Scorpio, it happened, you know, from 1983 to about 1995, what was popular vampires, Buffy the vampires, Sabrina of the teenage, which practical magic, All these witchy, vampire wear Wolff things interesting for po, right?

The aol, the underworld. So we're, we're the living embodiment of that generation. If we just look at it as in movies and shows, we are the living embodiment of that generation. And then you put it in the first house, it's like Carly, it makes me question like a loss of power of self. It also makes me question an abuse of your own magic.

Abuse. Of your own power. Um, your in retrograde, is it not? Let's see here. Yours is direct. So I would say, Power struggles, not powerlessness, but that could be a theme. But most in mind's the same. It's not in retrograde. So it makes me question like, did you abuse your own power? You know, did you abuse your own magic?

Um, what power struggles happened within your sense of self? There's so many questions and yours said zero degree. So it's like this is a start of a start of a boiling pot for you of learning about your sacred magic. Interesting. Does that make sense? I don't know. Like, okay, so, so abusing one's own power.

So that could be like, you know, I did a lot of self sabotaging behaviors for sure, like in my twenties, that sort of thing. Like is that it can totally be related to that. And, and remember like it's always too Okta, so sometimes it is like you. The abuse of power against you. You know, people taking your power away, people taking your will away.

Mm-hmm. . Um, and so, so I always say like, ask which one feels more true. Mm-hmm. . So if it's not that, it's like when, when you ask me about it, I'm like, Oh, I have abused my power in lives for previous, like a hundred percent it's power's been abused against me as well. But like when people ask me that question, I'm like, oh, is me a hundred percent

Right? Like, I'm like, so when you, when I tap into my clients, I'm like, do you feel which one is true? When you say that it feels like it's more like that power maybe was, you know, taken from you mm-hmm. and your sense of self, your identity. Um, and what can also come up with this like energy is persecution of self or persecution for being.

For expressing your richness, for expressing, you know, your cult beliefs or your, um, esoteric knowledge. You know, who you are as an innate person was the provoker and reason for persecution. Interesting. Yeah. A lot of the work that I've been doing recently, the healing work has been around like this, this throat chakra scenario that I have.

Mm-hmm. , Right. And so a lot of the healers that I'm working with are like, you know, you are, I mean, most of them have said there's been some sort of like strangling in the past life or you know, a persecution, but also just in this lifetime, a lot of silencing, I think especially as, as a child, right? And so learning to use my voice and all of these things kind of coming out, having the podcast, all of these types of things are totally supposed to be very healing for me.

Um, but yeah, that definitely tracks for sure. Yeah. Yeah. And I love that because you do have your north node in Gemini and the eighth house. And like the eighth house is where I, I find a lot of those like deep psychological, um, or cellular remembrances of past life information. And Gemini. What's Geminis?

The throw truck rights, our speak speaking. Our communication. You have your Chiron and Gemini losing your voice. Almost everyone in my Chiron and Gemini souls, I'm like, What happened to the voice? When did you lose your voice? You know? When did you stop speaking your truth? Who took your truth from you?

Why did you stop feeling safe to speak your truth? Right? And then with your north, and it's like you're literally learning to take your power back a house, um, from outside sources and speak your. Okay. Right. , I'm here for it. It's happening. It's right. God. And I love that you're wounded and your, your destiny pointer connected because Chiron is like the wounded healer, right?

So when we're looking at Chiron, it's very much around, um, what you feel as your wound, is what you teach from, what you don't want the world to feel. And for you, it's literally like, that is your destiny is to to teach from the wound, heal from the wound, expand from the wound. Okay. That's insane. Cause that's, that, that's literally the purpose of the podcast, right?

Like everybody that I speak with are experts in things that I have done along my journey of just, you know, 38 years. Suffering with multiple health issues and, you know, Yeah. So that's, yeah. That's really cool. Mm. Yeah. And like, that's why every, every time like, it's like it's just there, you know? It's just right there.

Yeah. Yeah. But I mean, sometimes it takes a while to find these things, like, oh yeah, you know, sometimes you think it's in one certain direction. Like, to start the podcast wasn't even my idea, you know? It was one of my team members and she was just like, We should do this. And I was like, , Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Okay, that's, that, that, that's cool. And then we started it and I was like, Oh my God. And then it just flowed so easily, you know? It was just so easy to get people to come on board that were really rad. And we have, you know, people lined up for weeks and months already. And, and, and the amount of flow that has happened is something that I've never experienced before, which is pretty wild.

That's that north node energy, right? When you're following your north node life flows. Uh, when you're following those destiny points, life flows. When you go against them, life does not flow. Interesting. Yeah. Life, that's where we like hit, um, like hit roadblocks and like, it just, it's not flowing when we go against our, our natural path.

That's interesting. And so from my north node in particular, like, it's more about the teaching and the communication, like the teaching, the communication. But it's also like that eighth house is like deep knowledge, deep learning. Um, it's shadow work. It's the, you know, it's the dark, it's the underbelly.

It's the hard stuff. It's the plutonian stuff, right? The eighth houses that Scorpio energy. So it's like going into the dark. And whenever I'm, I'm working with an energy like Pluto and Gemini Mix together. So it, So Pluto and Mercury essentially is like, um, what is referred to as a psychopomp. Um, and a psychopomp in Greek mythology is like they were these birds or, you know, flying things that were the only things that could go into the underworld.

Um, so Mercury, for instance, is the psycho pump, because he was the only God that could go into the underworld and communicate with Hades. No one else could do that. So he was the deliverer of messages from the underworld. So when we're talking about Mercury and Pluto together, it's like the ability to go into the underworld, the place people don't wanna go, the place people are afraid of the darkness and deliver messages, right?

Channel from the, you know, when we say we're channeling from above, well, what about channeling from below? Right? What about channeling from shadow? Interesting. So that's very much when we're finding that blend together, it's like channeling from. The deeper psychological car, you know, healing points rather than from the mystic, which is that 12th house energy.

Interesting. Yeah. Yeah. And that certainly does feel like a theme for me, right? Is just all of these many moments of just being brought down to the depths of like hell, in a lot of circumstances, literally Haiti's hell underworld, right? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, cool. And so that's just gonna happen for the rest of our lives.

Fun forever. Like just forever. Yeah. That's your energy . Oh, great. That's your natural signature. Yeah. I have my, my Mars in the eighth house. So like my Mars in Gemini in the eighth house. And it is again, another psychopomp energy, right? Where like my passion and drive literally comes from the underworld.

So like, that's why I'm so driven to talk about topics that are, you know, taboo or break the mold or make people uncomfortable. Um, is because I'm willing to go into the depths of like hell, per se, to heal. Right. Yeah. And so, okay, so say you have like a kind of a gnarly placement like this. Like what what, what can we do in order to, you know, help?

I mean, I dunno if there's anything we can do about it, but like help transform it or, you know. Yeah. Again, I mean, understanding about it really allows you to just maybe be at peace when these hard things come up. But like, what else can, like what do you do? Yeah. So like, this is actually one of my favorite way, like, it's really one of my favorite things to talk about.

And one of the reasons I think I do what I do is because, you know, these energies get bad raps because they're harder or they're more challenging. Well, really like what it is, is that you have so much magic. Okay. Scorpio eighth house, Pluto is magic. It. The cult magic is the understanding that you can transmute pain into magic, right?

Mm-hmm. people who don't have necessarily, um, hard aspects in their chart, difficult things, you know, difficult transit. Some people just don't go through the level of depth that this energy brings in. There's nothing wrong with that. Um, but, but we don't grow in those places, right? Like, I like to say we don't grow in safe spaces.

Um, so like understanding these types of energies and signatures are really the, the power energies, the people who have so much power behind them. So much magnetism, and it's really about understanding. How powerful you actually are and how much growth you can actually go through when you have such powerful placements.

Right? Like the, the level of growth you're gonna go through is like leaps and bounds compared to some people who aren't willing to go into the depth. So it's really like learning to fall in love with pluton transformational energy. It's like learning to love death almost. Mm. But in we, we forget when we're talking about Pluto, because it gets such a bad rap is such a hard energy that Pluto is death, but it's also rebirth, right?

So it's also the phoenix. So we remember that, yeah, we have to fall in love with the death process of transformation. So like, there's that like dark moon energy where it's a closing phase. Okay, a hundred percent. But it's also the birth, it's also the, like the process of becoming the butterfly. So like really connecting into what does that mean, that I'm constantly in a state of, you know, Dying and rebirthing.

Mm-hmm. , it's like, that's pretty beautiful. Not easy , but beautiful. Right? Yeah. So you literally have the ability to do transmutation, like taking everything in your life and saying, Okay, I'm, I'm gonna let this die because I accept death. Right. Um, and I don't mean physical death, I mean like the process of, you know, a relationship dying.

Like you are going to be able to be like, I understand death, so I'm gonna witness this because I know rebirth comes from it. Mm-hmm. and I understand, Okay. The death of this business that I, I I'm done with it. It's, it's, you know, it's done what it had to do. I'm gonna, I'm gonna allow and put it to rest because I know through it's, you know, fertilizing the soil or whatever, something is gonna be rebirthed.

So really like tapping into with this energy is like, being willing to go into the shadow. Mm-hmm. , being willing to ask the hard questions, provoke the hard questions. Um, do the shadow work, right? Mm-hmm. , and look at your own personal health and say, Okay, what am I learning from this? Yeah. Whew. Yeah, that's a lot.

I mean, but I feel like I'm getting a lot better at it. Right. Like, you get so much practice. Yeah. It's just like, Oh, okay, so here comes that uncomfortability again. Right. Yeah. You know? Yeah. And it's, you know, it's tough, but it is something that you can Yeah. You, you, you just get used to, especially when it's a theme that comes up so much in your life.

Totally. And like, you know, for some people, like it will be physical death, You know, I, I know many people that have had a lot of physical death in their life. They've lost a lot of loved ones. And not that it gets easier, but they say, you know, they'll say to me like, I've gotten relatively used to loss.

And it's the same in the sense of like, when you are constantly in the death and rebirth process in your life, you know, people say to me all the time, they're like, How are you so cool with what's going on right now, ? And I'm like, because this is just how it is. You know, Like it's not, you know, some people couldn't handle what I go through.

Yeah. And that is totally okay. But my signature is to be able to look at it and say, Okay. Mm-hmm. , I, I'm, I'm witnessing it because I've experienced so much of it that I, it's not that we're numb to it, it's just that we're able to look at it objectively. It comes back to that observer, Right. Objectively.

And say, I know something beautiful is gonna come out of this. Mm-hmm. . So what am I learning right now? Right. It's like Scorpio's, that very psychological science. Like we wanna know what are we learning? What's the process, what's the mystery here? Um, so yeah, we're gonna let it die so we can de rebirth and know what's the mystery.

Mm-hmm. . Yeah. Yeah. And I think one of the biggest things that I've learned over the years is like impermanence. Oh yeah. You know, as, as much as you are suffering at that moment, it doesn't last forever. Never. Right. But that also goes for the beautiful things in your way. That's the love, the happiness, the joy.

Right? Yeah. And like what a beautiful teacher of being in the present moment. Mm-hmm. , right. And, and actually enjoying your life. Do, I mean, this happens to me so much, especially lately where I'm just like, did I even enjoy the last month? Was I even present? Yeah. Right. And, and if life is so Im permanent, then what are we doing?

Hustling so hard, You know, focusing on things and focusing on the future so much, focusing on the past, so much that we forget we're actually here enjoying life right now. And so in permanence teaches us like, Oh, I better enjoy this moment cause it's not permanent and it also teaches us, Yeah, this is a very painful moment, but it's not permanent.

Yeah. Well that was funny. I don't know if it was you, that post, I know you're posting some awesome memes, especially during, you know, our months. Yeah. But was something about like Virgos, Oh God, what was it? Something about. How Virgo just can't enjoy being happy because they know that it's just gonna like, turn around.

And so like, obviously this has to do with something else, but I also kind of identify with that too. Cause it's like, Yeah, I really wanna enjoy this moment and I'm just trying to drink it in so much, but then I have this little thing in the back of my mind being like, it's not gonna last. Totally. Totally.

And like, I think that's just so human right. To be like, have these little like morbid thoughts. Yeah. Um, which I feel is very Scorpio and like also Virgo being like, we should be doing other things . Um, but it's it's so true. Uh, and it, it is honestly the hardest work I think here on earth is being present.

Yeah. I feel like honestly, when it comes down to everything, the hardest thing is to just be present. Yeah. It is. It's really tough. It's funny, it's like, you know, because we come into this incarnation forgetting so much. Yeah. And that just seems to be such a thing throughout our lifetime. It's like, You know, we, we learn these lessons or like we, we read these books and maybe it's also because of just so much information overload at this point in time as well.

But I find like, you know, one, one thing for me, and I always go back to this, but, um, there's a series of books that I read years ago was called Conversations With God. I don't know if you've read them. I didn't read it. Um, but I've heard good things about it. Ugh. It's just, it, they're, they're, they're so beautiful.

I absolutely love Neil Donald Walsh. Um, I used to work at a company called Mine Valley and we did some work with him there and Oh my, when I read those books, so I listened to them on Audible, which I actually highly recommend because, uh, the, um, the speakers are just very theatrical and it's wonderful.

But anyway, there's just the books, essentially what they are. They're, they're, they're kind of channeled. Neil doesn't like to say that they are, but they, they, they essentially are. And he is, he, he's basically just having a conversation with God, and he asked about any question you could ever imagine about anything, like anything.

And I remember the first time I, I just listened to like the introduction or something, like, I was just partway through the first of one of the books. I remember just like crying because I just knew that this was true. Like there was just like a deep remembering. And so there's all of these incredible lessons and I know that I'm going to have to listen to those audio books over and over and over again my entire life because like, there's all of these amazing pieces of wisdom that I just completely forget about.

Yeah. You know, And then I'll like, listen to the book or like, you know, or you go back to something else that you've resonated with maybe something else that you've. And you're like, Why am I not incorporating in this into my life? Like you do it for a little bit and then we just said, forget . That's so true.

Do that. It's just like That's so true. Yeah, it's tough. I know. We're just so busy and we're so distracted and I know it's true. It's true. Yeah. That's definitely a big part of it as well. And I really admire people that can be very regimented or just like pick up a piece of information and be like, This is now my every day forever say, Oh, me too.

Oh, for sure. my, like, my six house is in, is, is ruled by a, so like routine is people will say, Virgos routine, da da da. No, no, no. My Virgo. Your Virgo is in the 11th house. No, no, no. There's no routine over here. And you know, six house area. No, no, there's no routine. I'm sorry, . Interesting. Okay. Yeah, that's kind of good to know.

Cause it's like, um, I don't know, just the little bit that I know about human design. We were talking about on the, the last podcast, podcast episode, but I'm a manifesting generator and so understanding that was really helpful for me because I do these things where I like, Pick it up and I put it down and I have all these hobbies and like this thing now is like my new favorite thing in the whole entire world.

And I love it and I'm gonna do it forever. And then I'm like bored with it in like three months and it's just like, oh fuck. I know I'm manifestor and like learning that like, yeah, I move in these giant waves and like, um, I also, I'm also emotional manifestors. So like I have, like, I'm operating from like these massive, like highs and lows and like, um, I don't stick with things.

I'm meant to like change things all the time because like, I'm supposed to be this big like leader. Like I, I like when I'm learning that I'm like, Okay, so it's okay that I just drop things. Like it's, it's okay that I have to just like step into the next thing. Cause that's actually just my signature.

Okay. Permission. Granted it helps. Those permission slips really help. They really do. They really do. Yeah, because I think as Virgos too, like kind of beat ourselves up about something. Oh, for sure. For sure. Mm-hmm. , Um, and my human design girl, her name is Jessica Rowe, she's amazing. Um, and she says it literally like that.

She's like, like, she's like, I'm gonna give you this permission slip. And I'm like, Thanks, because I need this. It really does help. I don't, I just, I find that learning more about yourself and having other people be able to like, translate things and see you, or at least be able to like, have a conversation about, you know, stuff that you've observed your whole life and then be like, Oh yeah, no, that's actually how you're just built and how you're, you should be.

And you're just like, Oh my God, Okay. Like, I thought I was broken. I thought there was something wrong with me. Like, we just do that naturally, right? And then understand that like, Oh, this, this is actually how I operate and I, you know, I can actually make improvements in my life by following certain directions.

Like, it's just wildly helpful. It's amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my God. Well, how, how do you work with people normally? Like how, how do you help people through, Through a strategy? Yeah. Yeah. So, um, there's a couple different ways. Uh, I mean, just going into reading with me is usually how people start. So I do pass, like the purpose readings.

I do wild woman readings. Those ones are more focused on like our lith energies and, you know, our divine feminine, the wounding around the feminine. Whereas the past life obviously is everything we've kind of talked about today, and the purpose goes into that. Um, also like I have cosmic coaching sessions, which is like two hours of getting into the nitty gritty of anything you bring to the table.

We're gonna look at your chart, look at your transits, and be like, Okay, what the hell's going on? Why are you feeling this? And like, let's get you some actual tools to, you know, go through this process. Um, as well as I'm opening up, actually right now, my, it's Carmic certification to learn past I astrology with me.

Mm-hmm. , uh, which is a eight week. Massive overload of information, but it's so much fun. So, um, that's open right now. And then, you know, I do workshops pretty frequently on different energies, and I do have my membership as well, which is all about the dark moon. So literally it's like a monthly energetic detox that we do every single month.

We go into a different energy and just like purge and clear and cut cords and, you know, move shit out of our bodies and our, our energy fields. So those are yeah, the ways right now to work with me. Amazing. And you have a podcast as well, don't you? I do, I do have a podcast which is mostly focused on just like, I mean, it gets all over the place sometimes, but yeah, past lights, karma, astrology, um, esoteric wisdom protection, like psychic protection.

I love getting into all that good stuff too. Um, but yeah, my podcast is, it's a good time. Oh my God. Yay. I love it. I've been listening to, It's so good. Oh, thank you. Anybody listening, you need to subscribe. I love it. Thank you, , man. Okay. And I found this quote on your Instagram that I absolutely loved, and I just wanna read it.

But it says, The ultimate rebellion is healing your body, learning your astrological signature, healing your trauma, and becoming a sovereign, being in a world that has programmed you to be a slave. And I'm just like, Fuck yeah. To all of that sister. Right, Right. Yeah. That's like, And you would resonate too.

That's like my Virgo 11th house. So my Virgo Aquarius mix coming through of like, I'm here to help people break the matrix, um, and find their power again. , but I'm here to do it through the body. And Virgo, I dunno, for most people, they kind of get a alet misleading version of what Virgo is. Virgo is the virgin.

The virgin of Virgin actually means, And like the literal translation from Latin or Greek, I think it's Greek actually, um, is a woman unto herself. So like, no one owns her. Nothing. Nothing owns her. She is sovereign, right? A virgin has actually nothing to do with sexuality at all. It's a sovereign woman or being.

Um, and so when we look at it like that, it's like, yeah, the ultimate sovereignty is, you know, our bodies, our souls, our minds, and like breaking free of the matrix. Oh wow. Okay. Yeah, I feel exceptionally connected and aligned to all of that as well. Yeah. Yeah. I'm all about breaking free from systems right now and Well, I mean, I always have been and I always will be.

I think it's just incredibly important, so, Oh my gosh. Well, we're pretty much at time now. Yeah. But thank you so much for sharing all of this amazing wisdom. We're going to have all of your links in the show notes so people can get in touch with you because I know they're definitely going to want to, I definitely wanna book, uh, session with you after this because this is so insightful.

Thank you so much, Vika, for being here and um, yeah, I'd love to have you on again at some point and chat about some other things too. I would love to Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure.

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