Why You NEED To Drink Mushrooms For Your Immune Support

In the spirit of sharing important health information at this time, I thought it would be helpful to share some fascinating information about chaga, functional mushrooms, and how they protect us from illness.

In case you didn’t know, this is a chaga mushroom! 👇

It’s a hard conk mushroom that grows on birch trees, and gram-for-gram, has the highest amount of antioxidants on earth (really!).

Chaga is a functional mushroom – which means it has known studied benefits to the human body.

Functional mushrooms – especially chaga – are immune modulators. Which mean they balance and regulate the immune system.

This is different from immune stimulators like echinacea and elderberry – which trick the body into thinking an antigen is present so the body temporarily boosts immunity. These are not something you want to be taking long term. It’s best to takes these at the first signs of a cold or flu.

Functional mushrooms are meant to be taken LONG-TERM. They’re not a quick fix, but when taken every day, act as a daily body guard. Helping to build or stabilize the immune system to more quickly fight off illness or avoid it altogether.

This is not a cure for the virus epidemic right now. But it’s a fantastic way to help protect yourself and your loved ones – especially those at risk.

I used to have horrible immunity – I got sick probably 5-10 times a year for most of my life.

I used to get sick every time the seasons changed or I got on a plane. If someone around me was sick, I was guaranteed to get it.

Now because I drink chaga tea everyday, I get sick SO MUCH LESS – maybe once or twice a year. Which has been life-changing for me.

So jealous of the super-immunity folks out there. That’s not me! (well it didn’t used to be).

I know it’s tough to start new habits – so I’ve made it easy.

This is our INSTANT premium chaga mushroom tea.

It’s made with a 10:1 super-concentrated freeze dried extract from sustainably wild-harvested chaga from the Taiga forests of Siberia.

All you need is a 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of the powder per serving. Simply add it to hot water for tea, or add it to your coffee, smoothies, soups, deserts, whatever! It’s an instant powder – no steeping necessary!

And there’s 30 servings in each package – which covers one person for a whole month.

It’s so easy to incorporate into to your daily routine.

The flavour is very mild, and we’ve added a bit of organic Ceylon cinnamon which is thermogenic and helps the body absorb the nutrients. It tastes like a mild chai tea.

Now – I had cancelled online ordering of this tea to focus on building a new product line – which includes a new chaga product. But those won’t be ready for a few months…

I DO have limited stock on me that I’ve been selling at local farmer’s markets here in Kelowna BC Canada.

Because all of the markets have been cancelled due to the pandemic, I’ve opened up online ordering for Canada and the US!

And because of the crisis, I’m working on producing more tea as soon as possible, because I feel it’s incredibly important medicine to provide at this time.

And available at less than $1 per serving, it’s affordable.

Just click the button below for details.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this important plant medicine. Be safe, stay home, and hopefully we can all get through this sooner than later 💜

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