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ARW Wald WordPress Theme includes styles for all of the header elements that are balanced and based on a modular scale (though modular-scale is not a dependency of this theme).

h1. This is a very large header.

h2. This is a large header.

h3. This is a medium header.

h4. This is a moderate header.

h5. This is a small header.
h6. This is a tiny header.
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Lighten up your headers by adding a class of .subheader to any header element.






Small Header Segments

By inserting a small element into a header ARW Wald WordPress Theme will scale the header font size down for an inline element, allowing you to use this for subtitles or other secondary header text.

h1. Small segment header.

h2. Small segment header.

h3. Small segment header.

h4. Small segment header.

h5. Small segment header.
h6. Small segment header.


This is a paragraph. Paragraphs are preset with a font size, line height and spacing to match the overall vertical rhythm. To show what a paragraph looks like this needs a little more content so, did you know that there are storms occurring on Jupiter that are larger than the Earth? Pretty cool. Wrap strong around type to make it bold!. You can also use em to italicize your words.
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  1. List item with a much longer description or more content.
  2. List item
  3. List item
    1. Nested List Item
    2. Nested List Item
    3. Nested List Item
  4. List item
  5. List item
  6. List item
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