How Meditation Can Help Lower Blood Pressure & Alter Genetic Makeup (Harvard Study)

A recent study by Harvard University shows us that meditation can help lower blood pressure — a simple act of clearing your mind for just 15-minutes per day — and can actually alter the way your genes function.

Harvard Study: Meditation Can Help Lower Blood Pressure & Alters Your Genes

Over the eight-week study, 24 participants did weekly relaxation sessions with an experienced trainer and a 20-minute guided meditation they could do at home.

These sessions were simple — they involved deep-breathing and muscle relaxation exercises, and a one-word mantra to help their focus and reduce “monkey-mind” inner chatter.

All participants began the study with high blood pressure and the aim was to see the effects of how meditation can help lower blood pressure to normal levels (at a desirable range of 140-over-90).

After a mere 8 weeks, over half of the patients successfully lowered their blood pressure to a healthy range.

Person checking blood pressure Harvard study shows meditation can help lower blood pressure

Even more surprising, blood samples taken from participants who were able to lower their blood pressure through meditation also showed significantly clear genetic changes.

Among these participants, 172 different genes related to inflammation, circadian rhythms and glucose metabolism, were either switched on or off.

It’s unclear whether those participants who weren’t able to lower their blood pressure was because they weren’t optimally able to learn these relaxation techniques from the 8-week meditation sessions.

Regardless, the study’s findings allowed further research on how meditation can help lower blood pressure and other physical ailments.

What This Can Mean For The Future Of Medicine…

There are as much as 200 different high blood pressure medications and treatments — often with very negative side effects.

Meditation, on the other hand, can be a viable — and free — alternative with zero negative consequences.

If more studies can prove these same findings, science and conventional medicine may finally be able to catch up with more alternative approaches to medicine and healing in the understanding that there is a significant connection between your thoughts and mental state, with your body’s physical condition.

Have you tried a consistent meditation practice? If so, how has meditation benefited your mental or physical state? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you! 

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