Join the Wild Remedies Abundance Club!

Whether you're a die-hard Wild Remedies fan (yay!), a wellness blogger, or a holistic business, you can share Chaga with your friends, family, followers or customers and get 15% straight-up cash on each purchase they make (or gift card credit)!

This is how it works

We make Chaga. You get a unique link that sends people to that Chaga on our site. You share that link with everyone you know. Everyone you know clicks that link and buys Chaga. We pay you cash-money. See? Easy! This program is free to join. Earn cash (or gift card if you choose) — 15% — every time your tribe purchases from our online shop using your unique referral affiliate links. They click + buy, you earn. Easy. There is no earning limit - sell and earn as much as you want. Earn $5 a month, or $1000+. How much you want to make is up to you! All you need is a PayPal account:)

What’s Included

• Your unique affiliate link for Wild Remedies Chaga • A library of beautiful promotional graphics that you can share wherever you want • An earnings chart to show you exactly how much affiliate commission you've earned  

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