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Hi, so, so, so excited to have you here on our very first guest episode of the wild remedies podcast. Welcome. Thank you so much for having me. I feel super honored to be here. Super excited. I've been wanting to chat with you for so long. for those of you who. Obviously, you probably don't know, but Mandy and I actually live pretty close together.

She's just in the next town over and we've got an opportunity to meet before, which was really fantastic. I've been a big fan of your work for a while. I absolutely love your Instagram. Your shit posting just kills me. Absolutely. For it. That's amazing. Some days I'm like, why do I shit post so much? And then it's like, oh, because the world needs.

A little more joy 100%. Right. And like there's so much, I guess, seriousness in the spiritual world sometimes too. And it's just really nice to have another perspective that isn't so serious. Yeah. Yeah. It there's like this weird. I mean, it's, we all do it from time to time and it's not like I don't appreciate it, but like sometimes I feel like the whole goddess thing has been it's a little bit, not relatable to a lot of people.

I think that really could use the sort of like, um, The kind of medicine that spirituality can provide. I think it can be a little bit off putting to have it all be like yoga poses on the infinity pool and like the most beautiful maxi dresses and things like that, which is like, it's great. But also If I'm sitting at home covered in Cheeto dust, like who can I relate to?

I love that that really is so much about your brand. Like you just are extremely relatable and I feel like you bring the elements of like spirituality to everyone, which we need, right. It's time for consciousness to raise. And it's for everybody. It's not just for a select few. Yes, absolutely. Yeah.

Awesome. Well, I have lots of questions for you today. And my first one is just learning more about

your journey. tell us how you ended up being the badass witch bitch that you are today? well, it's like. It's a little bit of a horror story. , that's like a bit of a dramatization, but, basically I just, through my life had gone through, a lot of things that were kind of, unpleasant, you know, I.

Had I started being diagnosed with mental health issues when I was a teenager, I was in foster care and I used to do pretty much anything within my power to self destruct. I was very miserable person. I thought that the world and life and everything was happening to me, I just couldn't catch a break because I was always getting sucked under, by all these, you know, terrible things.

I ended up having my first child when I was 19, I was a high school dropout. I had really not a lot going for me because I was, um, very much entrenched of the, in this place of like being mentally ill. And that was like a huge part of my personality and how I identified my myself as a person. and so anyway, I kind of like ended up on this road where.

I went to, university to get a degree and I ended up getting a degree in psychology but I was still quite, very much unhealed as a person for a very long time. And I still had a very negative outlook on life. And I found that it was really hard to keep my head above water. and so I used to like engage in these different ritualistic practices, or I would try really hard to, work on like personal development stuff.

Like I became kind of a personal development junkie and got really very much into it and just kind of. Wasn't really satisfied with this idea that like life just happens to you and you just have to like roll over and take it. And I just found like the more that I focused on myself, as opposed to everything that was happening to me or all of these different things that, um, these characteristics that I had, that I felt like I was too sick to change and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The more I just focused on trying to get my shit right. The, better I found my life became. And it kind of just like blossomed and grew exponentially from there. So, yeah, that's kind of like a very short version, but essentially everything I do now comes from this place of where I have been before.

And so I'm definitely in a place now where it's like, I don't regret anything that ever happened to me because I feel like all of that was very necessary. It was like that breaking down process that you need to have to become, sort of the fuller expression of who you need to be. Right. Yeah. You know, it's so interesting.

Like, I had kind of a similar experience and I feel like a lot of people who enter into like the healing sphere, whatever that is, whether it's through like, you know, health education or products or what, what coaching, whatever that is, it usually comes from a place of, deep suffering. Yeah. And yeah, it just, it, the thing with suffering is that it really creates.

A richness of life. yeah. Which sounds really funny, like had a conversation with my girlfriend about this the other day, and I'm just like, you know what, like all of, all of my best friends, like the people that I just relate to the most have been through some shit. and they're just more interesting.

I, I, I don't know what that's about, but I mean, it's just having to go through all of the healing work and, maybe not getting the answers that you're looking for through traditional Western medicine and, and those types of things. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And I think it's just this, like, there's this little seat of.

Perseverance there where it's like, you just, you just keep plugging away, keep plugging away, keep plugging away. And it can feel so much like you're being victimized by circumstances and everything around you. And even by your own brain, your own heart, all of these things. But then you get to a point where you kind of realize like, Well, shit, I've been plugging away for so long that maybe this isn't me being a victim.

Maybe this is me being like a survivor. Maybe this is me, you know, this is me actually overcoming things and just a simple reframing, like that can really open the doors to so many, big things happening. Absolutely. Yeah, I know that was again for, for me as well. I, I was really in this mindset of all of these terrible things happening to me all the time and it was just completely out of my hands and, you know, the world is just a really shitty place.

And just coming from a place of not understanding that you have the power to change those things in your life, right? Yes. Yes, absolutely. And that's why, like now, even like now I just, I don't believe in like, lost causes ever. Like no matter what somebody is going through or, you know, like, people who struggle when they know somebody with addiction or anything like that, I'm always like, you never know, like you really never ever know, because I think that deep down we all are so strong.

Absolutely. Yeah. And I think that's a really powerful message for anybody who's listening. Right. It's like, it's never too late. it doesn't matter how shitty your circumstances seem at this point. you do have the power to literally change your life Yeah. And that's like to a certain extent, obviously.

I mean, there's certain things that are contextual that don't obviously we can't do it all on our own, but I just think there's so much more available to us than we believe because it's like we have this limited view about what's possible for us in our lifetime, or what's possible for, you know, our goals and our desires and our dreams and things like that.

But then occasionally. When you really sit down and think about it and you unpack all this stuff, you're like, well, wait a minute. is that true? Because it's true or is that true? Because it's something I've told myself, you know, because I it's always happened this way or because I've always seen it go like this and there are people out there that live truly extraordinary lives just based on the fact that they kind of ignore that and just go for it.

Right. So. Yeah. Yep. Absolutely amazing. Well, okay, so now I wanna dive into like your whole brand and let's talk about some witchcraft, right? I'm really interested to know like what, what witchcraft means to you and you know, how, how did this become something that, uh, became such a big part of part of your life?

Well, see, it's funny because I actually am not like a traditional witch. Um, and so I fall on the . I fall on the skeptical science seeking spectrum. And so it can be really interesting sometimes because I find that I, once again, Am in a space where I really don't feel like I fit in kind of with, you know, the whole witch space, but I think it's.

Um, been something that's helped me so much to become more empowered and connected in my everyday life, which was something that I missed. Um, and I think it's something that we all are missing as a species living in modern Western culture, obviously where we don't have maybe that tie to nature that tie to something beyond ourselves.

And I've never like, I'm not a religious. Person. I actually am a secular witch, so I don't view my practice as a religion. It's more of a, um, I guess you could say it's more of. Worldview and a healing tool for me, but it has given me so much just in terms of having things happen and then deciding like, no, I can try and fix this.

I can take back the reins of my own life. I can try and, sort of influence. The things that are happening in my life. So for me, it's been such a powerful thing because I really did live on, I autopilot. Like my whole twenties was like a shit show of awful, like chronic illness. Like I go to work and then you come home and you just like go to bed.

So you could do the next thing the next day. And you just were like waiting to die. Like it was awful. And so like for me, it's really been something where. It's like trying to find that those pockets of magic in the mundane. So it's like, there's so much more than the grind. Right? And so for me, that's what witchcraft has done is really allowed me to find my own healing, my own self care, even as a busy.

Person like a parent and I work and all of these different things. It was something that opened all these doors for me. And honestly, the more magic that you're open to and that you invite into your life, the more magical your life becomes. Like I never would've thought the things that I have right now, the life that I have right now was ever gonna be possible.

I remember when I was younger being diagnosed with, um, well, wrongly diagnosed, I think, but being diagnosed with like Schizoaffective disorder and like things like that. And I thought, you know, there was no possible way I was gonna live a normal life. You know what I mean? I thought there was no chance for me.

Um, and now I have, you know, my second book coming out in October. So I just think that when you dive into this way of life, As a personal healing tool and as an empowerment tool, it can be something that is, so it just. Can really change your life and it can really change your experience of life, which is even more impactful.

Right. So instead of just feeling like, oh, like I'm alive, like, what's, what's the point of this and what am I doing? And like, what the fuck it's like, actually feeling intentional about your life and that you get to experience this life. Not that it's happening to you, but like you get to experience it.

And it's, um, it's something really special and it's something that gives me, a lot of comfort even in. Very hard times, emotionally hard times. And. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. You said that so beautifully and you know, it's interesting because I, I feel like the, the word witchcraft still has, you know, this charge to it.

Right. And yeah, people might have different connotations when, when they think about it, but really, you know, a witch in traditional times was just a healer of sorts. Right. It could have been like a, a midwife. It could have been like a herbalist, all of these different things. And then of course it was tainted by the patriarchy.

And it's funny because nowadays in, you know, the, the new age realm. The law of attraction is just it's, it's kind of like commonplace, right? Yeah. And to me, you know, like a spell is really just that, but you're putting so much more intention into it. So like, instead of just, you know, sitting your ass on the ground and like meditating and visualizing the car that you want.

You know, you are gathering certain herbs or items or whatever, and like putting all of this intention into doing a ritual in order to bring forth, you know, healing or whatever it is that you want in your life. And so it's really just that, but adding a little extra superpower into it, right? Like, does, does that make sense?

Yeah. And that's how I view it as well, is like, even as somebody who does identify as, you know, a little bit of a skeptic, although people will tell you I'm like the most woo skeptic you'll ever meet. But like, even when you look at things like law of attraction or, um, or spells or anything like that, it kind of does really, it it's.

Science and spirituality don't have to be mutually exclusive. Right. So when you think of it too, from like a psycho, uh, psychological perspective, which is like, where I nerd the hell out, is that when you're actually doing say affirmations or you're trying to, so you're trying to manifest something. So you get crystal clear on your goals and then you try and.

Visualize what that scene would look like and all of those different things. When you do those things, it activates all these different parts of your brain, which really does mean say you had a goal where you were wanting to, I don't know, say you wanted to. Create something like write a book or something like that.

Now, if you're doing the steps, the like traditional steps to try and manifest that you actually are engaging your brain in such a way that you might be more willing and more able and more primed to take the steps required to make it happen. So I think that all of it just comes together in such a beautiful, um, In such a beautiful way.

And it, it really is a shame that in our culture, we kind of like make it like, oh, it's like, it's like what we do to pop stars. Like, Ooh, these two women are fighting. It's like, okay, science and spirituality don't need to fight. Like, first of all, like, it doesn't have to be like that. . And so I think there's a lot of people that maybe aren't called to the path when maybe.

Would be better off or maybe it would provide something for them. Right. I think we need to wake way more witches. I think that's what the world needs, especially at this moment in time. Um, people that feel connected, people that feel empowered, people that feel like their voice matters. All of that sort of stuff, I think is very, very important because I think we've kind of been under this spell of like, this is all that there is.

And like, you can't draw outside the lines, you can't do the things I'm, you know, well, just sit there and take it and like, Ugh, if you're lucky, you'll only have this many years till you croak. Like, no, that's like, , I'm super not available for that. So I just think that this can be such a, a wonderful lens to view life through.

Mm. Yeah, absolutely. And I love what you said about needing to wake more witches. Yeah. It's so true. It's so true. And you know, for myself and I, I think a lot of, um, like, especially women, like, I don't think it's exclusive to women, but it's like magic is always something I know for me that I've been really fascinated with.

And like as little girls, it's just something that we always. Hope that is real. Right. But we're always kind of taught like, no that's fairy tales. That's that's not true. Yeah. But I, I feel like we're just like innately called to this and I love, love that it's becoming more mainstream and I made a post about this recently because like, I'm just kind of coming out as a witch.

Like, I, I sort of identify with like the, the green witch and, you know, because I'm working with herbs and things like that all the time. I feel just so connected to, you know, the spirit of the forest and that's, that's my jam. Mm-hmm . Um, but I'm seeing it everywhere now. Like I was on Instagram the other day and I found this woman she's like a accountant or something, but like she calls herself like a witch accountant and, you know, for spiritually minded businesses.

And I was like, Well shit, like, obviously I wanna work with this lady now. Like I love that she came out and declared this because now I know who my people are. Absolutely. Everybody on my team is super dope and I want everybody awake and knowing what the hell is going on in the world right now. And so that we can co co-create something beautiful from, from the same intention.

Absolutely. And I think that what you just said there is so incredibly important, especially in the lens. Like I'm not going to get too into this, but in the lens of the last couple years, there is all this focus on, you know, I mean, the world is very polarized and there's this huge focus, no matter who you talk to, that seems to be like, How badly everything is fucked, right?

Like, oh, yours, this and it like, everything's on fire and it's terrible. And I'm not saying that like, the way things are going right now is like cotton candy and super fantastic. But if, imagine if we had taken all of that energy, all of the anxiety, all of the fear that we have, and just open up to the shred of the possibility that things could improve and things could B get better.

And if we all. Just maybe saw it, all this turmoil, this upheaval, this terrible shit as like an opportunity for us to all be open to the fact that maybe what's happening right now. Everything needs to be changing in this, in this terrible way in order to give birth to something better. And I think that it's really important that we all kind of.

Are aware. And that's why I think it's also, I important to, you know, wake more witches is I think it's important to recognize the power that we have when it comes to dreaming a better future dreaming, a better reality, trying to co-create that, and really being open to that, even if it's just, I, I mean, I, I think people don't truly understand the, the level of impact they have, even just in your own personal circle, your own personal life and.

Yeah, it's

we need a shift. We need a paradigm shift very badly, and, uh, it's too bad that, um, things are kind of so hectic and crazy and so rough on the mental health. But I think that, you know, I think we should all look at how can we improve this? Like, how is this going to become better? Absolutely. I mean, things, things are changing, whether we like it or not.

yeah. And right now it seems really shitty. I mean, yeah. It's, I mean, everywhere you look, it's just, it's just a dumpster fire. Let's be honest. Like it is, it is it's like that meme of like looking at the news. Oh, good Lord. What now? Like it's just everything it's. Yeah, I know. And like prior to 2020, it was just like, It wasn't right.

So like, something is definitely going on. And again, you know, if we think about it, you know what we were discussing before where it's like, oh God, all of these horrible things are happening to me. Right? Like what if these things are happening for us? Yes. It's extremely uncomfortable and it's super shitty, but you know, maybe this is the awakening that we all need.

Right? Like maybe this is all part of the plan in order to get to a place where we're all thriving. Yeah. Yeah. And it's, it's just a shame that we have to be going through it in real time. I know, but you know, it's, I, there's different points where things just kind of have to crumble and, you know yeah. I think there's a lot of shit that needs crumbling.

it? Absolutely. Right. And we're witnessing it. It's happening very quickly. I feel like it's very accelerated. Um, and that's why it's just. Again, dumpster fire left, right. And center. absolutely but whatever, we're here for it, like what an incredible show we're getting, you know, like chatting with my girlfriends all the time.

It's just like, you know, you're always flip flopping between like what an amazing time to be alive. And then the next second, you're just like, why the fuck did my soul decide to incarnate at this time? Yeah. Yeah. Like, are you kidding me? yeah. Why? Why are you doing this to me? yeah. Oh, Yeah. Yeah. Well, speaking of witchcraft, I'd love to learn a little bit more about, like what is a ritual.

You think everybody should be incorporating into their daily lives. I think the number one thing that people should be incorporating in their daily lives is intentionality. So I think whether it's before you, um, have your morning cup of tea, or whether it's before you go and smoke a joint, or whether it's before you go off for a hike, because your kids have like.

Fucked you off for the last time and you feel like you're gonna kill anybody. I think that no matter what the situation is, when you start to set an intention for a specific time or a specific thing that you are doing, number one, it's kind of like gives your brain a prompt. So it's like you are in, in charge and you're telling your brain, like, this is what we're doing right now.

We're gonna chill out right now. We're gonna do this right now. We're gonna try and focus on this without, or the other, um, It does that for you, but then also it just makes it so that you're more present in your life. So. It can feel very much like we can flow. Like I call it like floating off because for me as a person with anxiety and depression and things like that, I can feel a lot like my soul, my consciousness, my whatever is like out here on like a helium balloon.

And I don't become very grounded in my body and grounded in what's happening around me. It's almost like I'm in this other worldly state where it's just like, ah, like I just don't wanna be present for life. And when you start setting intentions, just as a very basic. First step to anything, it really allows you to not only tell your brain I'm the boss, and this is what we're doing now, but it allows you to, um, be present and to experience that.

So it's, I think that's one of the most important thing, and it's also usually the basis of any ritual spell, whatever that you're doing is you're, you know, what am I trying to achieve? So I think trying to bring more of that into your life, it's something you don't. Tools for you don't need, you know, nobody needs to tell you how to do that.

Like, if you are going to have your morning coffee and this is, you know, this is my intention for the day. And if you fail, say you intention is to be calm all day and you're screaming maniac. I mean, have you lost anything? You know, you might have been a screaming maniac anyway, so really you're still coming out on top for having tried

I love that. Yeah. I think that's such a great tip and I mean, that's really the basis of, you know, the products that, um, we've created at wild remedies. It's like, it's we wanted to create a ritual experience for people, right? Like yeah. Set an intention like. Make something that looks beautiful and is beautiful for your insides and your outsides and just, yeah, take a moment and connect.

And that's why we kind of have stuff that's really good for like sleep and for yeah. You know, beauty and all of these different things. It's like, so you can set an intention and like take some time to enjoy that. And I know it's easier said than done. Like, you know, we're all busy. As an entrepreneur, like I have manifesting generator.

I have like so many businesses and stuff going on and yeah. And so some days I'm just. I just shit, the bed on all of the things. Right. And I'm just like running from one thing to the next and it's like, I'm not even like, you know, I'm, I'm, I'm like literally running around while I'm eating and I'm just like, oh my God.

Like, you know, my Iveta practitioner would be so pissed at me right now. I'm supposed to be sitting and I'm supposed to be chewing a lot and I'm not chewing. And, you know, we can get hard on ourselves sometimes, but yeah, all we need to do is just really kind of like come back, even if it doesn't happen that day, we can try again the next day.

Right. Absolutely. Yeah. I love that. Okay. Well, since you talked about, you know, lighten up a do. I wanna talk a little bit about psychedelics. Um, you know, I see you posting about stuff a little bit here and there. I'm also a big fan. so I'd love to know, why you feel plant medicines are important and how you like to work with them.

Oh, man. I've actually never told my story of this publicly before, so yay. Yeah, I think, okay. I think I'll do it. So basically my situation is, um, and just a huge disclaimer to anybody listening or watching this or whatever. This is my own personal experience. I do not speak for everybody. I'm very careful about talking about this, which is why I haven't talked about it in public, just because I believe that my experience is.

So my experience is when I was, I first started getting diagnosed with men mental health issues. When I was about 16 or 17 years old. I've been diagnosed with, I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder. I was diagnosed with, you know, um, treatment resistant, depression, ADHD, all of these different things throughout life.

Um, I have been hospitalized twice. I have, trigger warning. I had attempted. To take my own life on several occasions. and so it was mental health has been some, a burden, a struggle. It's been a persistent issue in my life. But the thing that was really difficult for me is that I had treatment resistant issues.

So I used to be on so many pharmaceuticals and stuff before that. there was a point where I was actually in incontinent at night, cuz I was on such a strong cocktail of medications and there was never anything that actually worked. There would be things that would sometimes be like, Ooh, like I feel an improvement.

And only to crash down to realizing that I had more side effects or it had changed my personality in these like bizarre ways. And I kind of just went through life in. Fog of like constantly getting med changes, constantly getting disappointed, constantly having my personality go up down sideways depending on what I was on now.

Again. Most of the people I know that have, uh, sought treatment for anxiety, depression and things like that have actually been able to find something that works for them. That was not my experience. And it was at a point where they were, you know, they were talking about, like shocks at one point.

And for me that was, I just was like, okay, this is not working for me. So I actually ended up going off of all of my medications. Um, I keep saying this just because this is why I don't talk about it because I really don't wanna like influence anybody to do that. But for me, that was definitely the best step I kind of had to learn to regulate myself, which is where my practices and stuff really came into, um, becoming my support system and my lifeline.

But it was really hard because it, you know, when things were fine, they were great. But then when things were not fine, they were very much not great. And so I eventually. Tried microdosing, Cy because I heard that it could be really helpful and it pretty much changed my life immediately. So wow for me, uh, coming from this place of years and years and years of what felt like really just throwing my head up against the wall and just getting nothing, be like a brick wall, even like, oh, just nothing but pain.

Um, and for me having something that worked and it's not like, I'm like, oh, I'm cured now, bitches. Like, it's nothing like that at all. But it has truly, changed my life in such a way that I. I feel more myself than I think I ever had the opportunity to be before. I still get, horrible depressive episodes and things like that, but I'm able to cope with them and I'm able to work with them.

And aside from that, That's microdosing, but the ma the macro dose experiences I have had have been so incredibly healing to the point where I've had, you know, specific anxieties and traumas and things like that that have in one night been removed from my awareness. And you just can't. Um, there's no words for something like that.

And I believe based on my own experiences, because I, in my experience, I, this is, this is where, like my skeptical nature gets off. I feel like these are sentient and I believe that they speak to me and I believe that. if you're open that they can speak to you as well. And it's just been like, having the most amazing, but like very unusual therapist of all time.

Um, I, yeah, it's, it's really hard to explain and to define, but I feel like I have such a wonderful relationship with, um, with psilocybin, um, and, and the spirit of it that I think that has just changed my life in such a way that, um, I will be advocating for this, for the rest of my life. Like, just because of the sheer life changing magic that it's had on me.

which is it's crazy. Yeah, man. Thank you for sharing that. That is such a cool story. And I mean, we know that there's a lot of research now happening, um, with psilocybin, for, you know, specific, um, mental, mental issues and it's for a reason, right? Yeah. And these are the, these plants do have, and, and fungi, like they do have spirits.

I truly believe that. it's really the basis of all herbalism, right. Is like learning to understand the personalities of the plants and, and working with them based off of having a relationship. And so clearly that suicide is meant for you. Like that's just, yeah. Wow. What a, what a phenomenal story. When you, I find too, like pairing them with other herbs as well, can be really powerful.

I had this one macro dose where I was told . I was told that my next one was not going to be so gentle. So I had an experience where they were, you know, they kind of hand your hand, your ass to you a little bit. oh yeah. But they were gentle. They were gentle about it. And I got a very clear message that they were not going to be so gentle next time.

And so, I actually, the next time I ended up going into a macro dose, I paired it with a lot of calming supportive herbs in order to try and get me through that. And it was not a great time, but it was exactly what I needed at the time. And I like to think that bringing those other allies in was really just something that was so helpful and so supportive to me that.

It's ma it's truly magical. It really is. Wow. That's amazing. Yeah. And it's, it's really interesting to see too, like how, just thinking back to an experience that I had once. I ended up doing an iboga ceremony. Yeah. Um, it was a couple of ceremonies actually. Um, and for anybody who doesn't know, iboga is a root traditionally used in, um, African plant, ceremonies and it's hella strong, like, yeah, unbelievably strong.

It was really interesting because there were four people in the group and two of us, myself, and another guy were just. So psyched to be there. Like we went into the ceremony, we were like high fiving. Like we knew it was gonna be a wild fucking ride. Right. But we were just like, there for it. Yeah. And the other two individuals were like, really trepidacious right.

Like they were just like, Ugh, I don't know. And like, what's gonna happen. And having all of these questions and you could tell they were nervous about. And we all take the same dose and within like, gosh, I'd say 10 minutes. I was on the ground.  oh, wow. I was down. Right. And like, and not in like a bad way. I mean like iboga is really, it's, it's a lot.

but like, you can't walk, you can't like open your eyes, like you have to be laying down. So I was like, okay, I'm gonna get down on the ground now. and same with the other guy who gave me the high five, like we were. We, we, we, we got fucked out real quick. Yeah.  and the other two, like they, they, they didn't, they didn't experience anything like a little bit of purging and they kept continuing to take the medicine.

And I mean, like, all I had was like one dose. They kept trying to give me more and there's a lot of purging and stuff involved. And it was like, oh God, like I can't get anymore in. Um, and it was still like a 12 hour high, like it was, it's a. But it's just, it's so wild to see, like, if you are not totally open to the spirit of that plant, right?

Like it may not even give you an experience. Right. And that was just so evident to me. during that ceremony, it was just, it was absolutely wild it's. Yeah. And it's so weird how these different clients can affect and influence people differently. oh, you know, For example, when you look at something even like cannabis, for me, I, I use cannabis, but like sparingly, because it really does make me anxious.

And then some, you know, like I'm not as capable and like all of these things, whereas I know people that use it. The same way I do with intention as a medicine, et cetera, et cetera. But for them, it can do almost the complete opposite of what it does to me. Like it can relieve anxiety, it can help them get things done.

It can help them, you know, get over fears, get over, you know, step. Whereas to me, I'm just like, that is not my experience. So it can be, it's so interesting that all these things can have these different effects on people. And it's actually just such a, it's such a tragedy. People are having to go out and experiment on their own.

You know, supervision or medical supervision and things like that because of the legal status. I think that it's just really, it's just really sad because, I mean, I think that more people should be able to number one, have this available to them as a healing tool and number two, to be able to figure out.

How it's going to affect them in a safe, in a safe space. Right? So not having to worry about the anxiety of maybe ingesting something that's not legal or any of those sorts of things. Right. So it's kind of, I don't know. It seems like that, like It, that shift is happening, which is really good.

Especially when you look at like the main in the mainstream, it's really becoming more, talked about more mainstream in the positive sense. you know, there's specials on Netflix and all sorts of shit like that. Like it's definitely coming out, but it's like, can this shift happen? If. Fucking FA like it's such a shame that humans make everything just take so long.

Like everything is just like a fucking snail it's like, so like this could be really good and really helpful for people's like, yeah, maybe we're just gonna stick to the shit we said before, cuz we said it it's like, fuck, you know, can we just not or there's an agenda behind it, right?

Like, well putting on my tinfoil hat, I mean, not really. It's very evident. Like we have a lot of evidence. It's okay. We got matching hats, girl. Let's start a club.  but yeah. It's well, it's you can't it's yeah, it's just when you do. And it's funny because like the whole, you know, the cliche about it is that everyone does it and then they realize it's all about love.

But it really is. Oh, that's the kicker. It's amazing. So it it's funny how EV like so many people can come to the same conclusion. It sounds so stupid and like meaningless and superficial, but it's not, it's like the deepest thing of all time. It's wild. Oh, I know. Like if just all the world leaders had a hero dose of Shrooms like , can you just imagine the world.

Yeah, Ugh. That is the shit that should be mandated in my opinion. Absolutely. Absolutely.  oh man. Okay. So I have another question for you. Okay. And that question is what is the most magical thing that you've ever experienced?

Ooh, I've experienced a lot of magical things. I I mean, I think the obvious one would be like the birth of my children that is like, Really quite intense when you go through it. And when you actually look at the way the human body, the way a mother's body and the infant interact with the, with how your, your body starts producing milk and it's based on the baby's cries and all of these different, I mean, it's such a.

It's such a magical thing that is so mundane and we take for granted, but it really is something that is truly like mind blowing, and amazing. so I think I would have to say that like, it's, it's weird to all of a sudden have created a new person and you're like, this is, this is this person I've created.

So I think we, you know, that would have to be. The most magical thing, I think that I've ever experienced. Yeah, for sure. In terms of like manifesting, I've manifested quite a few magical things. I, a book deal was probably the most amazing one. The move out here was a really amazing one. We lived in the lower mainland in a basement suite, watching the housing prices go up around us, knew we were stuck there.

It was hell on earth. When I tell you it was hell on earth in this basement suite, like it was awful.


And we kept, you know, our retirement plan was to move to the Okanagan and we had heard all the normal things you hear, like there's no jobs out there and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And we basically got so miserable there.

Like, so beyond miserable that we are like, fuck it. We're just, we have no family, no friends, no nothing. We're just gonna get up and move. and we did, and it was like the most amazing. Thing. I think that we manifested, because I think it really showed us very concretely that there are no like limitations, cuz we had thought, you know, if we have these kids, like, you know, three kids, like how are we gonna go move away from our friends and family and start over?

And, and we did and it's, we've never looked back. So I think that, those would be like my best manifestations. I think I would say. I love that. and then, yeah, I've had obviously mushroom experiences that were like bad shit in terms of. Magical, but yeah.  yeah. I love that. Well, I think one of the most magical things that I've ever seen you post about is your four leaf Clover manifesting.

Like you gotta explain this shit. Oh. Cause it's so cool. It's so it's so ordinary to me, it's so fun. And I've had like, I have dead ass, have people try and argue with me that they don't exist for leaf clovers don't exist and I'm like, bitch, I could find you off. I literally never see them. And you. Oh, here's one.

Oh, here's one like, did didn't didn't you have like a six leaf Clover, like what the most I've ever found was an 11 leaf Clover. So when you think about it, there's a mutation in the genetics of that plant, right? So if you find one, you just stay there. You stay there and you keep looking that's that's and I think I found all those.

I'm wondering, like I found a, a whole streak of 'em for a while there, at my son's school. And I'm wondering if there's like fertilizer or something that's like fucking with the like plant code. I don't know, but, so I have a talent. Useless talent. I find four leaf clovers and it's been ever since I was a little kid, but to the point where I feel like they call me.

So I'll be like walking down the street and I'll look over if there's a Clover patch and it's like, it sucks me down. And I'll just like be walking down the street and pick one up. And like, it's always like really weirded people out around me, but I've always been able to do that. my mom also has always been able to do that.

And I heard, I can't remember who I heard it from, so I don't know if it's just like legend or, but I heard that my great grandma also was. Had the same, the same ability. And so for me, it's like four leaf Clover to me. I, I always joked that it was like not a sign of good luck because look how my life went.

But like now I'm like

weird, bizarre kind of useless talent that I have. And it, it, the, when it weirds me out is really when I am doing the, like, walking down the street and then I'll just like, catch. A patch of them. And again, if you find one there's usually more, the most I found was yeah, an 11 leaf Clover in that patch, I found like 4, 5, 6, there was a 10, like, so you don't always hit the jackpot that way, but often.

on my old, like I used to have an old website and I even had, written a post on there about trying to find it by the root and then replanting it so that you could have, see if you could grow more. At your house, which doesn't always work, but it can, so, yeah. Mm. Oh my God. That is so cool. I mean, yeah.

I've looked for four leaf Clover my entire life and I have never seen one. So to me that is like some magical as shit right there. Oh girl, come, I could like take you a few different places and I guarantee we could find one within 15 minutes. I love it. Oh my God. We gotta do that. That'd such a great, yeah.

Huh. Going a little forging trip. Yes. And you have a pretty amazing garden going right now, don't you? Yeah, it's just like my small garden outside, but I like growing, um, like herbal type things and a lot of the stuff I kind of just neglect and it goes to, to see, but I love to work with the. With the plants' energy.

I mean, that can be something that's really positive. And so, yeah. I find a lot of comfort in my garden. It's crazy because back like little young Mandy could give a fuck about the environment, about plants, anything like that. I was like, oh God, but what if there's bugs in a garden? Like I was not. And so I don't know what happened to me somewhere along the way, but now I just wanna lay in my garden all day long and let the bugs reclaim me.

Um, and it's been so helpful. Again, it's when you get to that place where it's just too much, it helps to like, get you very much rooted back in your physical form. It's a way that you can also feel very accomplished because when you grow a medicine from seed or from a seedling, or from anything like that, you grow it, you harvest it and then you make a tincture or a tea or whatever.

Like the feeling that you get from that is a sort of, not so much self-reliance, but it's this, it. This very practical accomplishment that we don't have really anymore in like fast food culture. Um, and so I really think that everybody, that is looking for more connection to nature, even just having like a window cell garden or anything like that, it can just bring this feeling.

I think it's a very deep feeling that's coded into our, you know, genetics even of like having that relationship with. Plants and having that relationship with nature and also having that relationship with ourselves because we don't get the purpose and the meaningful ness of actually growing our own food or hunting our own food or building our own shit, you know?

And it's when you experience it, you know, like even just going out and finding wild mint and taking it home and making a tea from it, there's this beautiful thing of it feeling very full circle. And it's, it's a very unique, specific emotion that it just feels awesome. Hmm, absolutely. Yeah. I grew up out of a garden this year, myself and I've barely been home for the past month.

So like, Girl, you, you gotta see the pile of catnip that I have  oh my God. My counter right now, it's just everywhere. I thought it was lemon bomb at first. And like, you know, because I'm still new to like all, well, not new, but I'm still learning a lot, you know, about forging and things like that. And. So now I'm like learning everything there is to do with catnip.

And it looks like it's really fabulous and, you know yeah. Like, um, calming teas and things like that. So I'm drying it, um, shit, ton of work, because literally that stuff is growing like crazy. It's from the mint family. So it's like literally everywhere, but my backyard was a frigging jungle, like, and I felt so bad.

I'm like cutting things and cuz they love the plant so much. I'm just like, oh I'm sorry. Like every time I cut them, I'm like, oh God, I hope it doesn't hurt. Yeah. See, I, I felt that way too, but then when you, when you continue with it, you notice that it comes back even more, first year and prolific. So it actually, I think is helpful to the plant, which is how I justify it to myself when I have to cut my babies.

So  I know. Yeah, um, , um, abundant stuff here in the Okina St. John's war. Ya. Like, we have a lot here that is like, Very abundant and all over the place. And it's, it's amazing. We live in a really like wonderful place for things like forging and going out and just trying to get a connection to those plant spirits.

Yeah, absolutely. And it's like, you don't have to know every single one of them, but like know a few, right? for example, this spring, I really got into like plant identifying and there's a couple of supplements that have been on for a little. one of them being like Cotin and another one being burberine, which helps regulate, blood sugar.

And I'm doing some research and I'm, you know, uh, cataloging, different wild plants and things. And I'm. Holy shit. Like we, we have all of that here. Mm-hmm like course tale is full of Corin. Right. And, Oregon grape is burberine And I'm like, holy shit. Like I've been spending how much money on supplements all winter.

And I could have been like chewing on some fucking bark. Like what have I been thinking? Yeah. So now, you know, I'm making my own tinctures and stuff and it feels so good to be able to create your own medicine and not have to rely on these systems. Absolutely. And it's yeah. And it's so much, again, it's that connection with the medicine that you're like, cuz when you're making, like, I don't know what method you use, but for example, if you use like the folk method for making it tincture, then you're, you're combining it and you're waiting like you it's teaching you the patients that you need.

And it's it's almost like this it's this back and forth relationship. So I think, it's. Not that, you know, getting supplements is a bad thing. I mean, it's not at all, but there's this extra layer of like, meaningful that you can get and this extra layer of the relationship with that medicine that you can do when you go out and, you know, even being able to identify it in the wild or being able to prepare it or all of those sorts of things, it's just.

It's it's real fucking magic. Like it's amazing. Mm-hmm  it is absolutely. Yeah. And creating that relationship and like doing the harvesting yourself and all of that. It just makes that medicine more potent and specific to, to you and your body. Right. Yeah, cause you can craft it too with intention, right?

So like, you know, as a witch, if you are preparing an oil or a tincture or anything like that, you can make preparing that medicine, your own ceremony and your own ritual where you're infusing it, you can do energy work, any of that sort of thing where you're actually infusing it with the intention that you need to get from that medicine too.

So it's actually, yeah, it's very meaningful, very powerful. I love that. Okay. Well, I have one last question for you and that is about your books. Tell everybody about these amazing books. I I've read one of them. Fantastic. I know you have another one coming out here soon. I fucking love the covers as a designer.

I think they're so dope. They look so cool. Let me hear all the good stuff. yeah. So my first book is called witchcraft therapy. You're guide to banishing bullshit and invoking your inner power and basically. I haven't seen a lot of books written like this. So I came out with this one. I have a really wonderful publisher that was, willing to take a risk on my voice, which is not for everybody.

but it's basically just a sweary self-help guide on how to invite more magic into your life and how to step up to your life as more empowered, and centered sort of instead of. Feeling like life is just happening to you. So this book was like a love letter to the world. I felt like I just really, it, it was a powerful moment for me to feel like I was kind of transmuting all the shit that I had been carrying for so many years with all the experiences that I had had with mental health issues, et cetera, and turned that into something positive.

Um, so that was really meaningful for. Um, and then the next one that's coming out is in October, it's called, happy witch and its activities, spells and rituals to calm the chaos and find your joy. So this one is very much a sister to witchcraft therapy. So, this one is more about, trying to align with the frequency of joy, happiness, creativity, and play.

but a lot of it was written. So I used to work, With adults with developmental disabilities. So, I was a, a manager of a day program for a while. And so a lot of the spells and stuff in this book draw.  on my experience using sensory strategies, et cetera, with, the individuals that we worked with.

And I found that using that in my own life. I mean, I am neuro divergent, but still finding, using that those sensory strategies of finding what sort of sense or textures or whatever unlocked, different feelings, emotions, um, and moods in myself. Was helpful for my practice. So a lot of that sort of stuff is in this book.

and even though it's called happy witch, there's a whole chapter in it on shadow work and dealing with trauma and hard stuff because, I'm not, I don't fuck with spiritual bypassing. I like, I just don't, it makes me blah. So although I think that we can shift and cultivate a positive mindset and that that's something that's worth doing.

I think that's been overcorrected away from toxic positivity to a point where a lot of people like. Are afraid to even say that like things might get better. So it's more like trying to bring it back and be like, no, you can integrate the two, like life is supposed to be kind of this balance between the light and the dark and trying to turn it into something that's more meaningful and supportive for you.

So I'm really excited for that book to come out. Yeah, I am too. Oh, it's so cool. And I'm so proud of you. Like that's such an accomplishment and it's just so rad to have somebody local here with a voice like you do and a brand like you have. It's just, it's so fucking cool. And. Thank you. I love that I'm seeing on shelves.

I think didn't, I send you an ad. Like I was scrolling on, I don't know, social or something. I know. And it's crazy because like, people will send me pictures of it in the bookstore, or I'll get messages from people Saying how it's impacted their life. And it's like, I'm just like some mom, like at home in her house.

And so I really like, it's a real mind fuck to try and like, integrate that. Like my words are in people's homes. And I had a friend who Was went to the beach and saw somebody that was reading it there. And that was in like California. And I'm like, like, what is life right now? So that's like, that's so rad.

It's so intense. But like, it's good too, because, because I, again, like we need more people to feel empowered and to feel like they have a say in their own lives and to feel, you know, and it's not. It's not like rocket science or anything like this is available to all of us at any given time. And so, yeah, I'm really proud of them because again, there was a time where I was like, well, I'm gonna live under a bridge, but  so I feel it's really amazing almost every single day.

I'm like, what the hell is life? I definitely don't take any of it for granted. Aw. I love that. That's so beautiful. Yeah. Well, I think it's time that we have to get wrapped up. so enjoyed this conversation and pimp all your stuff out. We heard about the books. Like, what else do you have going on?

How can people get in touch with you? Follow you, all of those good things. So I can be found on I'm usually like most active on Instagram at healing for hot messes is my handle.   I'm also on Facebook and Twitter, but I really do spend most of my energy kind of on Instagram. I don't know why cause that platform sucks, but, um, of course its what it's uh, I also run an online, um, an online Cove for wellness witchcraft.

So it's very much, very geared towards the type of. magical worldview that I cultivate, which is basically that, you know, there are no rules except for those which you make for yourself and trying to lean into your own impulses, your own creativity, and trying to make your spiritual practices more of a playground than a prescribed set of like shit you have to do.

and so I run that online coven it's called hot mess coven. Do, a workbook every month I do a live training. We do zoom calls, um, and we share lots of memes  on things like that. Um, and then occasionally I'll do the odd workshop. I just did a bath magic introduction of bath magic workshop. And I'm working on another one.

I do do some, one to one, I don't like calling it coaching. I do some, one to one guidance and mentorship for people who are looking for a little more. Information or guidance on how to sort of create rituals and practices in their everyday life to tackle their own wellness. and so all of that is available on my website@healingforhotmesses.com.

and that's where you can find me and I ship post on Instagram a lot. I'm trying to work out the shit. The, the shit posting is amazing for anybody who's listening. You gotta go check her out. Like one of the top accounts you need to be following on Instagram. Cause she's fucking hilarious. So I lose my temper on there from time to time, but it's usually warranted  yeah.

Well that's authentic. We, yeah, it's great. And we'll have all of the links and stuff to your things. Um, in, in the show notes for anybody listening as. Awesome. Thank you so much. Well, thank you so much again, for, for being here and being our first official guest. You're just so red. I love all the things I love that I'm honored by that.

That's awesome. Yes. And we have to like have coffee soon. Yes, absolutely. It's so cool too, to be doing something like local, like that's I like super excited about that, cuz I mean I work from home and I got kids, so like I don't even get to like leave my house half the time. So I'm like, yay. This is.

I know it's fabulous. Okay. Well, have a beautiful evening and looking forward to chatting again soon.

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