The 3 Pillars Of Health

Welcome to episode 3 of the Heal Yo’ Self series.

In this video I’m talking about the Ayurvedic 3 pillars of health which are considered to be the keys for a happy, healthy life.

The first pillar of health is SLEEP.

Did you know lack of sleep is now considered a carcinogen? It’s linked to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, alzheimer’s, obesity, and poor mental health.

That’s some serious stuff people.

We have an illness in our society where people wear “overworked“ and“ sleep deprived” as badges of honour.

A decent night’s sleep is now often stigmatised as a sign of laziness. Which is literally insane.

I used to be this person – and because I’m an entrepreneur with a ton on my plate, I now actively have to recognise this and slow my roll by mindfully shutting down my laptop – even if I want to squeeze in some late night emails that will seemingly make me more productive the next day.

Perceived productivity is not worth mental and physical health. Trust me, if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

And we’re really not even increasing our productivity – we’re just burning ourselves out.

So I make damn sure I’m getting my 7-8 hours per night. This is where all the healing and rejuvenation happens.

And there will be natural times in our lives when sleep suffers – like when you have a baby that’s up all hours of the night, or you’re surviving a trauma of some sort.

This is normal. But living day in and day out like a zombie is not.

Stress and sleep management is a must.

The second pillar of health is DIGESTION.

I spoke about this in depth in last week’s video where I take about a 5000 year old ancient cleanse that I recently did that transformed my digestion, so I suggest you check that out.

But in summary, the digestive system is the point of origin of all disease and is the first place we should turn to when things are feeling out of whack.

Cleansing, building healthy gut flora with probiotic foods like sauerkraut and grass-fed organic yoghurt, and drinking digestive tea before and after meals is really helpful.

I make a simple tea of ginger, fennel, cardamom, and chamomile that I drink daily. The ginger and fennel help stoke my digestive fire, while the fennel and chamomile calms bloating and the nervous system.

Many people also find our chaga tea helpful for digestive issues.

The 3rd pillar is Healthy management of DESIRES.

I found this one to be really interesting and exceptionally common sense. It’s the hardest one to manage but ultimately the pillar that rules the rest.

Prajnaparadha is a word in Ayurveda that describes crimes agains wisdom. It’s knowing something and willingly going against it in order to fulfil a desire or sense please.

It’s a denial of your own innate wisdom or moral compass.

When your intelligence of a being is compromised, disease has room to flourish.

Our lives are the sum total of the daily choices we make.

We know we should get more sleep. We know alcohol is bad for us. We know sugar causes diabetes and cancer.

Yet most people choose to ignore these simple principles and chose to do things that cause harm instead.

When we are unaware and disconnected from ourselves and our environment, we overindulge and often don’t consciously consider our choices.

We feed our emotions, pacify our stress with substances, and binge on media.

This was me – 100%. I know the self medicating cycle all too well.

But I learned to make better choices and listen to myself, which ultimately lead me to not only feel a thousand times better, but also to transform my body physically. 

remember, I used to be 200 lbs. It was no small feat to get to a place where I value green smoothies and weekend hikes over binge drinking and pizza every Friday.

I still have tendencies to want to overconsume things, but I check in with myself to see what’s up.

Why do I have the desired to fill myself with something right now? Am I actually even hungry or am I bored? What do I feel I’m really longing for or missing? What emptiness or emotion am I trying to pacify?

It’s ok to indulge once and awhile. But once in a while.

I like to follow an 80 / 20 rule. Not the same principal as 80% of results will coming from just 20% of the action. – don’t we all wish.

More like focus on making good health choices at least 80% of the time.