When To Drink Chaga Tea

https://youtu.be/mVoOSu965lI A lot of people ask how much chaga mushroom tea to drink and when the best time during the day is to consume it. I like to say a cup

Does Chaga Tea Make You Lose Weight?

https://youtu.be/Uo0gD3jy0E8 Have you wondered if chaga mushroom tea helps with weight loss? Unfortunately, the answer is no. What is DOES do however is keep you on track with your weight loss efforts. When

How To Make Chaga Mushroom Tea

https://youtu.be/1haYJYYZiRk Step 1 Add our premium instant formula to a cup Step 2 Add hot water. Done! All raw or ground chaga products need to be steeped for 8-12 hours. Our potent dual extract

What Does Chaga Tea Taste Like?

https://youtu.be/ORQYa4RNXjU We often get the question: "What does chaga tea taste like?". Unfortunately, some chaga products don’t taste that awesome... ours however, tastes great! Our tea tastes like mild vanilla and cinnamon.

Does Chaga Tea Contain Caffeine?

https://youtu.be/owuEicXE3qk People often wonder if chaga mushroom tea contains caffeine. Although it looks a lot like coffee, it contains ZERO caffeine. Chaga teas and tonics make a great coffee replacement though because

Vanilla Almond Chaga Latte Recipe

Chaga lattes can be found in wellness hubs all over these days - but we like to get EXTRA creative. This chaga latte is extra flavourful and perfect for a

The 3 Pillars Of Health

https://youtu.be/wAJh7WYC5rw Welcome to episode 3 of the Heal Yo' Self series. In this video I’m talking about the Ayurvedic 3 pillars of health which are considered to be the keys for
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